Jul 15, 2024 05:54 AM

*COVID disclaimer: Despite increased attention to our cleaning practices and disinfection measures, there is still a chance your dancer could be exposed to an illness in our studio. Although Salt and Light Dance Studio has taken measures to distance our dancers for in studio classes, I (Parent/Guardian) acknowledge possible risk of exposure related to these activities.
Placement for classes is at the discretion of the dance teacher. COVID guidelines are subject to change. Please review current guidelines on our website.
*Tuition is nonrefundable. We hope your dancer finds joy in the class they register for, and will work with families to transfer them to a different class in the semester if applicable.
Waiver and Release: I hereby agree to not hold Salt and Light Dance Studio accountable for any loss of belongings or valuables left at the studio or facility that Salt & Light represents.
I agree that if my dependent (aforementioned student) or I engage in any physical exercise, class, or activity we do so at our own risk.
Any physical injury I agree that we are voluntarily participating in activities and use of the facility (including parking lot) , and therefore agree that this consent covers each and every activity.
Medical Release: I grant permission to Rachel Payne, Studio Teacher, or Studio Parent to take my child to a dental/medical facility in case of an emergency.
If none of the aforementioned guardians can be contacted, I give my consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a licensed Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dentistry.
I give consent to the care given under whatever conditions necessary to preserve limb, life or well-being of my dependent. I fully accept responsibility of all costs of aforementioned medical care.
Rachel Payne, and/or Salt and Light Dance Studio will not be held liable for the cost of any medical care and/or emergency treatments.
I waive all claims whatsoever in connection with such medical treatments. I agree to release and discharge you and any employees from any claims and fully understand this is a release of liability.
*Image/Photo Release: I give my consent for images (or videos) of my dependent to be used to document the events of Salt and Light Dance Studio. I give permission to use images for promoting/educating.