Liability Waiver (Hold Harmless & Photo Release)

Jun 24, 2024 11:29 PM

CLIENT Hold Harmless Statement & COVID Policy

I agree that my participation in activities associated with Maraya Performing Arts and Maraya Performing Arts Program(s) while on Maraya Performing Arts premises (physically and virtually) is voluntary and at the sole risk of the undersigned. In consideration for being permitted to access and utilize Maraya Performing Arts premises, facilities and/or equipment I agree for myself/them, and assign to release and discharge Maraya Performing Arts and their respective owners, employees, advisory board, and contractors from any claim, demand, injury, cost, or liability, whether resulting from the negligence of Maraya Performing Arts or otherwise arising out of or resulting from an incident to participation in the activities or the use of the premises, or any of its equipment or facilities in connection with the activities.

During the course of our programs, we may take pictures/video of participants which may be used for publicity purposes. By signing below, you authorize Maraya Performing Arts and its official representatives to use, without obligation, photos or motion pictures of the undersigned for any and all print and electronic marketing/ publicity materials and the Maraya Performing Arts website.

I have read, understood and agree to follow and abide by all the policies and safety protocols stated above.

*Participation in any of our programs acknowledges that you understand and will comply with these policies.