Liability Policy

May 26, 2024 11:18 AM

By signing this waiver, I understand that Lacey Performing Arts Center can not be held liable for any accident or injury that my child(ren), child I am overseeing or myself have on the premises. This includes in the studio and outside of the studio located at 116 1st Dr. SW New Philadelphia, OH 44663. By signing I have provided all correct and updated information about myself and my child to Lacey PAC. I am aware that I (the parent, guardian or one in charge of the student or students attending Lacey PAC) hold all responsibility for any injury, accident, sickness or other medical or non-medical incident at Lacey PAC. Any damage done to the property, accident or not, is my responsibility, this includes but does not exclude, floor damages, fixtures, rooms and any other valuable property to Lacey PAC. By signing this I understand I cannot sell, or profit off anything Lacey PAC, including dances, music, attire, marketing, the name, the brand and anything else Lacey PAC uses. By signing this I allow my student(s) or child I am overseeing to participate at Lacey PAC with full acknowledge of all that is stated above. Lastly, I give permission to Lacey Pac to use photos or videos of my student(s) on social media, website or for any marketing aspects.