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Jun 22, 2024 12:50 AM

Infinity Dance Academy Registration Form

Welcome and thank you for joining Infinity Dance Academy! To help make this the best experience possible, please read through the important information below THOROUGHLY.

A. REGISTRATION FEE: $20 per student, per session, due at the time of registration.

B. TUITION (FALL AND SPRING): Students will be charged tuition for 3.5 months for Fall Session, and 5.5 months for Spring Session. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month during the session. Payments made on the 10th of the month or later will be charged a 10% late fee. Any tuition unpaid by the 20th of the month will result in the removal of your child from all classes until tuition is made current. Alternatively, parents may pay for the whole or half of a session at a time. NO PRORATION of classes Fall Session, Spring Session, Workshops, or Master Classes. When signing up for a session, you are committing to pay tuition for the duration of the session, as stated above, regardless of whether a student drops a class. Tuition can be paid in the studio or online through the Dance Studio Pro parent portal. See page 2 for tuition details.

C. TUITION (SUMMER): Payment for Summer classes/intensive/camps, is due a week before class. Unpaid balances on the second day of class will result in the removal of your child from classes until tuition is made current. Proration is accepted for Summer Session by director approval only, and prior to the session start date. When signing up for summer session/intensive/camp, you are committing to pay tuition for the duration of the Summer session/intensive/camp, regardless of whether a student drops a class. Tuition can be paid in the studio or online through the Dance Studio Pro parent portal. See page 2 for tuition details.

D. PRODUCTIONS: There are two productions per year, December (at the end of Fall Session) and June (at the end of Spring Session). Productions are subject to be scheduled earlier depending on venue availability. Students who desire to be in the production must attend a minimum of 75% of their weekly classes. If a student misses more than 75% of their classes, their teacher may request the student not perform or have private lessons to better learn the choreography.
a. Dress rehearsal and participation in both performances are mandatory. Students who miss dress rehearsal, or one or both performances without permission from the director are not guaranteed the opportunity to perform in the next session’s production.
b. All payments must be current by the day of the performance for recital participation.
c. Tickets for productions will be available for purchase a month before production. All ticket sales are final. No refunds will be given.
d. Parents are not allowed backstage! Parents may only be allowed in the dressing room area if they are an official dressing room volunteer.

E. PRODUCTION FEES: Each performing class will be charged a costume rental fee that will cover the cost of a costume rental, alterations, administrative fees, etc.
Part of last month's tuition covers dress rehearsal, props, transportation, administrative fees, etc. Each family with any student(s) performing in the recital will be charged $25 for a professional recording of the performance.
Students must provide their own undergarments, shoes and tights. Some, but not all, of the costumes may be available for purchase at an extra fee. Fall Session performance fees must be paid by October 1st, Spring Session performance fees must be paid by February 1st. If payments are made late, production participation is not guaranteed, and students may be charged extra for shipping and handling. For performance fee rates, see page 3. Performance fees and costume purchases are non-refundable under any circumstance. Students who damage their costume will be charged the full amount of the costume.

F. CLASSROOM ATTIRE AND ETIQUETTE: Students are expected to follow classroom attire set by the director. Dress/hair code is posted online at and at the studio. Class/studio rules are also posted online and at the studio. Students and parents are expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate at all times. Questionable or inappropriate behavior may result in the child being removed from the class or studio.

G. CLASS PLACEMENT: At the end of each session the instructors will discuss with each other and the director where students should be placed the following session. At the end of Spring session, students 8+ will receive notice of their level placement. Students will ONLY be notified at the end of Fall session if their placement has changed.

H. MISSED CLASSES: Students are welcome to make up missed classes in another age-appropriate class. Make ups must be scheduled with the studio director. This does not include a private lesson. Private lessons are an additional charge.

I. PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons available to catch up on missed choreography, or to further improve skills. The cost is $60 for one hour and $30 for a half hour. All private lessons must be scheduled through the studio director, not the instructor. Parents are required to stay for the duration of the lesson if no other staff member is in the building.

J. PARENT AND STUDENT COMMUNICATION: We communicate all important information and updates through email. It is imperative that emails are checked regularly and kept organized. Important information will additionally be posted at the studio.

K. PICTURE DAY AND PHOTOGRAPHY: There will be two picture days per year, one in Fall Session and one in Spring Session. Participation is appreciated even if you are not purchasing photos, so that class photos involve all students. Photos of each production’s dress rehearsal or performance may also be available for purchase, as well as videos of each production. Audience members are not allowed to take videos, or flash photography! All photos/videos used by Infinity Dance Academy for the purpose of advertising will be at the consent of the parent.

L. VOLUNTEERING: To give the best possible productions and protection for your children, it is important we have volunteer support. On average for an Infinity Dance production, it can take up to 50 volunteers! By registering your child at Infinity Dance Academy, you and your family are committing to help with picture day, productions, dress rehearsal, costumes, publicity, studio maintenance or other volunteer areas each session. Your commitment and support is appreciated!

Tuition and Fee Breakdown


40 min class - $45
1 hour class - $65
1 hour and 15-minute class - $80
1 hour and a half class- $95
*Prices are per month. Classes are weekly.

2-3 classes = 5% discount
4-5 classes = 10% discount
6+ classes = 15% discount
Unlimited classes- $400


1-day camp - $50
4- day camp - $150
Summer Intensive - $400


Drop-In Fee - $20


Registration Fee - $20 per child per semester

Competition Tech Class - $15 (per month, not included in the unlimited class tuition)

1/2 hour private lesson - $30

1 hour private lesson - $60

Costume rental fee - $60 for 1st class, $50 for each additional class.

Costume rental fee (ages 3-4) - $50

Costume Purchase (optional) –
(New costumes only): Price of costume + shipping + $50 admin fee.

Performance Recording- $25