Studio policies

Jul 18, 2024 12:35 AM

Dance Dynamics policies.
Tuition & General Studio Policies
Tuition details:
Tuition is non-refundable.
Tuition is automatically charged on the 24th of each month; you are required enroll in autopay through your Dance Studio Pro (DSP) Parent Portal account.
Tuition is based on a 10-month session.
Equal tuition payments are made each month from September through May
Tuition for August 2023 will be half tuition and charged on August 5th.
PAT members are responsible for all competition fees and if not paid on published due date $30.00 late fee will be applied. **All competition fees will be published in team calendar by August 7th if available by the competition. Failure to pay fees on time can result in being removed from competition and/or PAT. No refunds will be made to any dancer removed for failure to comply to rules, guidelines, or payment schedules.
No dancer will be allowed to compete if tuition is in arrears regardless of entry fees being paid. If tuition is in arrears all payments will be applied to account balance first.
Audition Boot camp is recommended for all dancers wishing to be part of the Performing arts team. Audition Boot camp will take place prior to audition. Fee for bootcamp is 110.00.
Audition is for placement based on level and age. Cost for audition is free if student has attended boot camp if not able to attend boot camp audition fee is $50.00 Student is responsible for knowing assigned material. (No audition material will be provided until student is registered for boot camp or audition and will be assigned during Information meeting and/or boot camp.
If tuition is late, a $25 fee will apply Tuition is considered late when tuition is not paid by on or before the 1st of the month.
If withdrawing from classes before the end of the school year, notice must be given 5 business days prior to the end of the month to avoid tuition being charged. A $50 withdrawal fee will apply if cancelling after August 5, 2023 or at any point during the school year.
If account is delinquent and sent to collections parent or guardian of student will be responsible for all collection and court fees in order to collect on monies owed.
Tuition Discounts
Tuition is discounted for siblings is calculated in tuition; this sibling discount does not apply to summer classes or special PAT discount tuition. Tuition is discounted 5% for paying tuition annually rather than monthly. Annual tuition should be paid via check or cash to avoid service fee.
Active Military discount of 10% off monthly tuition.
Special Discount:
Refer a friend and you'll both receive 25% off one month's tuition after they have been enrolled for a month. (this offer ends 9/1/2023)
Fees for Recreational / Non-PAT Dancers
These fees apply to dancers in recreational (once per week) classes. All fees are non-refundable; even if your dancer choose to withdraw from classes after the fee is charged but before the performance to which the fee is applied.
Annual Registration Fee: $25 per dancer $35.00 per family
• Due upon registration for Fall classes (this fee is waived if registered for summer program **note: summer program does not include national rehearsals, auditions, or bootcamp)
This fee is non-refundable.
Withdrawal Fee: $50 per dancer
• There will be a $50 withdrawal fee if cancelling after August 5, 2023, or at any point during the school year
• Costume fee
$50.00-70.00 per class (non-refundable) will be charged along with November monthly fee. Notice will be sent and option to pay ½ will be given. Fill out form at desk and card is required.
All solos ($700. 00.. 200.00 deposit balance may be split into monthly payments.). Duets/trios ($600.00…deposit $150.00 balance may be split into monthly payments)
Fees for Solos/duet/trios. Are stand-alone fees and include the choreography. All solos duet/trios’ students must be registered in a group class and preferably the same genre as solo or duet/ trio. Rehearsals for the solos duet/trios may be combined with another duet/trio or soloist at instructor’s discretion. Students may request additional private rehearsals and will incur an additional fee paid directly to the instructor. These are based on the availability of the instructor and studio. If a student is absent from class makeups are not guaranteed. If one or more is absent in a duet or trio the class is cancelled makeups are not guaranteed. Additional fees to be charged include costume and entry fees for competitions.I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.
Some Extra info​
Family Discounts for Tuition
Tuition rates are calculated per family and based on the number of hours each student. This is a significant discount for our families with one dancer in multiple classes. Families are defined as those students living in the same household.
Pre-registration for 2023-24will begin 3/15/2023
Pre-registration is available online after this date. Please register for the class(es) you are interested in for next year. We will verify this information as we begin to build the class schedule. Students wishing to do solos, duets, etc. Will be able to register online pay at front desk with the applicable deposit. A limited number of solos and duets will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Solo- duet/trio deposits are non-refundable.
It is important that your dancer is in class, frequent absence can hinder the progress of your dancer as well as the class. It is the parents responsibility to inform the instructor if your dancer will have a lengthy absence. Arrangements for makeup classes can be made with the instructor if necessary. We do allow students to attend another class of the same level or lower for intermittent absences. Please make these arrangements with your dancer's instructor within one week of the missed class.
Private makeup class may be scheduled $35.00 per class.
All students need to be in proper dance clothing for dance. Dress for success dance wear available for class online shop nimbly link.
Hair must be pulled back in pony tail, braid, or bun for all classes.
***See parent and student handbook for more information on Dress code.
* We do offer a limited quantity of shoes at the studio, we also have a large selection of used shoes available each year.
All class placement is based on the technical merit of each dancer. Age is also a consideration for placement in class..
Your dancer's placement in class is solely determined by the instructors.
We are happy to schedule a placement evaluation for any dancer that is entering to our dance program from another dance program to ensure they are placed appropriately.
These evaluations are free to all registering students. **NOTE: We do not audition students for our program, we evaluate skill levels for proper placement.
We offer beginning through advanced student classes.
If you feel your child is placed incorrectly feel free to contact us.
If you request a reevaluation we will schedule this at our earliest available time slot reevaluations will be $30.00 per genre.
Parents are welcome to observe any class(es) from our waiting area.
If parents would like to video tape we welcome this during the last 5 minutes of class time. Only registered students are allowed in the dance class. Please refrain from sitting in the large classroom during classes.
Please keep younger siblings in the waiting area.
We ask that students picked up promptly at the end of class.
Please do not drop off students prior to 10 mins before the start of their class.
No student will be allowed to leave the building without a parent or guardian.
We do have an area designated for students to do homework if they have breaks between multiple classes. This are no electronics (cell phones, iPods, etc) in this area. Students need to be doing homework and remain quiet to respect those who are. (If school class requires the use of IPAD or tablet students may use them to complete assignments only) Infraction of this rule electronics will be confiscated and returned upon leaving. We are not responsible for any electronic device or other personal items that may be left , lost, or stolen. If multiple electronics rule or food rule is violated, parent will be contacted and removal from our classes may occur. For more detailed rule information on electronics see registration agreement.
All food and drinks must remain in the Kitchen area and all students are expected to clean up after themselves. No Food or drinks allowed in classroom, student hall, waiting area. All drinks need to be emptied before throwing in the trash. If drinks are brought in from fast food restaurant and are in a cup w/lid and straw they must remain in kitchen at all times. Please have your name on them so we do not share cups and germs.
We will close due to bad weather when the Tippecanoe School Corporation has an early release due to weather. We do not necessarily close when the school is delayed or closed as conditions may improve by late afternoon. Please check our Facebook/Instagram page for updates on cancellations. We make every attempt to contact all students when we are closed due to weather by email. Please make sure we have current contact emails in our system.
It is understood that in Dance , as in any physical activity, there is an inherent risk of injury. By acknowledgment of this document and typed name or signature of the parent's or legal guardian on the registration form for Dance Dynamics. The parent or legal guardian acknowledges this risk and agrees to hold harmless, Dance Dynamics or any of it's representatives harmless in the case of injury as a result of participation in Dance Dynamics dance program. It is also understood that the parents or legal guardian will inform Dance Dynamics of any medical condition that may limit full participation in the program. In that case of limited participation due to an injury or other medical condition a release from the family physician may be required.
Dance Dynamics has permission to use any photo that includes my dancer for the purpose of advertising, promoting or other business related activities, without compensation for such use. Photos taken by Dance Dynamics are the property of Dance Dynamics.
A signed release is required for participation in our program. Online registration typed name will constitute as the signature that these policies and guidelines have been read, registration cannot be completed with out this typed signature.
Please instruct your dancer to keep their items in the cubbies or the baskets.
Water bottles may brought into the dance class, however please make sure they have a lid that will close.
Entering the building please stay in the studio area, UCRPoynt Entertainment shares this location students are not allowed in these areas.
Hip Hop students need to change shoes for hip hop class (do not wear your street shoes to hip hop class) This will protect our floors and help during wet or snowy weather.
Only barefoot in tumbling, socks, and dance shoes are allowed on the floors in the dance rooms. Please remove street shoes prior to entering the dance studio rooms.
Please make sure your dancer and your family is aware of social media rules we reserve the right to block any parent, student and or family member for ANY social media post that violates our policies are core values, or degrades, belittles, or bullies any staff, student, or person on this planet.