2023/24 Dance Contract & Competition

Dec 04, 2023 08:49 PM


As the parents or legal guardians of all students listed below, we hereby give permission for our child to participate in the program /event held at FTDC. We recognize that activities held at FTDC have inherent risk, for tumbling, dance and stunting. I waive all claims against FTDC and its owners, staff and instructors for any liability, loss, cost, damage, for any injury or illness, which may occur while on the premises of or under the instruction, supervision, or control of FTDC. I hereby testify to our child’s sound health of mind and body and we authorize FTDC and or the company / person utilizing FTDC, to seek medical treatment at the nearest medical facility in the event of an emergency. I have read and understand all terms, including the Risk and agree to the participation and use of this facility and it’s inherent risks.

The risk of injury exists in any physical activity. Tumbling and stunts have an increased risk of injury. FTDC does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all students be covered by their own insurance policies. If injury does occur it is understood that the student’s own insurance is your only source of reimbursement for medical expenses. It is also understood that you assume all related risks of injury for dance, tumbling and stunting both known and unknown to me and my child participant.

FTDC will be closed on all School given holidays for the Re2 District. These closures have been factored into the monthly price! The studio typically does not close for bad weather, even if schools are closed. Check our Facebook pages and Band app for updates. You can also text Brandi at 970-404-2723.

Parents, siblings, friends and family are NOT permitted to stay and watch class. Kids perform much better without their parents in the room, if there are any issues or you are needed in class, Brandi will let you know. We will hold parent observation days for tumble and performances for dancers. Please watch for updates.

By signing this registration form, parents/ guardians give permission to use class or performance photographs and videos for the marketing and /or social media pages of Full Throttle Dance Company.

Students are expected to wear class appropriate attire with their hair pulled back from their face. IE: tank tops, t-shirts, dance pants, spandex, leggings, leotards etc. No chewing gum, no rough housing, no excessive cell phone use, loud voices or yelling are permitted. Attitudes that are disrespectful, uncooperative, or aggressively competitive are unacceptable. Any parent or student exhibiting these behaviors will be asked to leave. It is important to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. Parents, teachers and students are expected to treat everyone with respect at all times. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated. Anyone with this type of behavior will be asked to leave and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Students need to take care of their own trash, and clean up after themselves, NO FOOD/DRINKS except water on our dance/tumble floors or equipment.

REFUNDS: We will refund tuition if a student gets hurt or I’ll for an extended period of time and cannot participate. If a student withdrawals before the season is over, the current month, costume fees (if applicable), and registration fees will not be refunded. We also do not refund when your student misses classes.

Please see the current fee schedule for current prices and discounts. There is also an annual registration fee. Tuition is due on the 15th of each month. There will be a $5 late fee, if fees are not paid within the month. We accept cash, check as well auto pay on this site. There will be a $5 return check fee. Tuition is the same price every month no matter how many classes are in that month and holidays have already been factored into the price. For Dance there are additional fees for costumes, these vary yearly for each class. For those in competitions there will also be competition fees. Please check for updates on these. Payments for costumes and competition fees will be due as charged.
RECITAL: All Students are REQUIRED to perform in our annual recital. NO EXCEPTIONS! It will always be the weekend that school gets out (First weekend in June!) It poses major issues when children are not there. (We understand illness & family emergencies)


INTRODUCTION: Welcome to our dance competition season! We love to have everyone involved, but do need everyone to follow and abide by our newest contract to make this work! Compliance is absolutely necessary to guarantee your child's place on the team. This season is guaranteed to be the best yet and we cannot wait!

COMPETITION FEES: There are different fees associated with dance competitions. Your child may choose to do a solo/duet/trio besides our group dance that will require a separate fee to participate in that you are responsible for. Each dance they are in will have a SEPERATE fee. We have struggled in the past because these fees are due around the holiday season. THIS YEAR WE WILL DO NEXSTAR & POSSIBLY ONE or TWO OTHER REGIONAL COMPETITIONS. NexStar 2023 fees are as follows: Group dance--> $63 PP Solos--> $140 Duets/Trios---> $80 PP

COSTUMES: You will pay for a costume this fall that we will order through a costume company. (FEES: vary per class) However, there is always a possibility of doing more than one routine that may require another costume. If your child chooses to do a solo/duet/trio, you are responsible for coming up with the costume for that particular routine. I can order these or you can search for something on your own!

COMPETITION INFORMATION: We will be attending NexStar National Talent Competition in Denver, CO, April 5-7. POSSIBLY EITHER AND/ OR Kids Artistic Revue March 1-2, and StarPower Nationals June 17-21 in Las Vegas. These competitions tend to run early, sometimes up to two hours. You must be READY TO PERFORM 2 HOURS ahead of our scheduled performance time or you may not be able to perform. This means MATCHING hair, makeup, costumes and all accessories must be worn. You are responsible for bringing your child and all travel expenses. Good conduct and behavior are required at all events and competitions—Be friendly and supportive ALWAYS!

ATTENDANCE: No more than FOUR absences during the competition season allowed (September – May) and no dancer will be allowed to miss the TWO practices before the ANY competition. I am going to strictly enforce this rule once again this year. If track, volleyball, basketball, cheer, etc. conflicts – I will take your child out of our routine. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD, if you are takaing a vacation, and know you will miss for any other reason, PLAN THESE 4 ABSENCES OUT!! I love that our team is so versatile, but when it comes to competition, I will expect you to be there. There also may be weekend rehearsals as competition approaches and these will be required for your child to be there! It is also mandatory that your child be at any fundraisers and our annual recital. Lastly, please arrive PROMPTLY at your scheduled class time and ready to dance – too many absences or tardiness could also result in your child not performing at our competition. Being a part of this team, I will REQUIRE commitment and kindness. We are all equal and no one deserves to be treated poorly or in a mad manner. Committing to our team in September, means you commit to the team ALL YEAR LONG!

CHOREOGRAPHY: I am responsible for all group routine choreography. If your child is doing another routine, it is their responsibility to come up with music as well as choreography. I can edit their music for a $10 fee (1:30-2:00 should be approx. Length of these routines), and assist with choreography, but I do not have time to choreograph each of their routines. I do have people available to hire if you need help. ($35 p/hr) We will have a tryout in mid-December for these routines. They should be mostly finished and ready to show. If I feel the routine is not ready for competition, then I have the right to cut it at any time.

NATIONALS,/WDC/ETC: This season there is a possibility of Nationals in Las Vegas, June 17-21. We will conduct meetings once tryouts have commenced to figure out what is best for each team.



COVID - 19 Consent and Waiver:
In the event that the Dance classes become virtual due to city, county or state guidelines, tuition will still be collected at a 20% discount. During this time all dance classes will be offered weekly either live or by pre-recorded video on their scheduled days. For Dance, staying current with this process is required to be able to continue to participate in all of the scheduled events (photos, performances, recitals and competitions). Confirmed cases for a student/ family will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.
For tumbling class - this will be determined at that time.
For school quarantines or situations like this (typically only a week at a time) tuition is still charged at the regular price, students will have virtual opportunity.
I understand the risk of illness and covid are greater when in groups of people, I assume this risk. I also agree to not bring my child to class when he/she has any contagious symptoms or has been near someone with Covid 19.