Policy & Procedures

May 29, 2024 11:19 PM

Please read thoroughly!!!

1. Please keep student home if they are feeling ill. Class may be cancelled if a teacher is ill and tests positive for covid. If this happens and a sub is not available, we will contact you so you can make arrangements to pick your dancer up after school and a make up class will be arranged.

2. $39.00 per month tuition is due on the 3rd of the month through auto-draft pay. If the payment declines, the payment will run again on the 5th. If it is not processed on the 5th, a late fee of $5 will be applied per week until balance is paid. Tuition is not pro-rated or discounted.

3. Tuition cost is based off the 9 month school year and divided by how many weeks of dance are within that time so the $39 tuition is the same every month regardless of how many weeks are that month. There is no make up class and no credits for class missed.

4. Please noteā€¦. Three additional fees include: a one time $25 registration fee upon sign up, $20 tee shirt fee due in December to have for use for the performances. In April, the show fee of $30 is due to cover the costs of the facilities, staff, insurance etc.

5. Students must be picked up on time from dance. If you are running behind, your student must go to safe key so please be advised, they must be registered for the safe key program or you must make sure that the student is picked up. There are no staff members onsite after school so once the dance instructor leaves, the only person is safe key staff and if they are not registered then Excite staff will stay past their paid time. There will be a $20 late fee charged if they are not picked up after 15 minutes. If we cannot contact an parent after 30 minutes, school police will be called. In the case of emergency, please contact the studio line (702) 539-5306 and we will try to assist.

6. Please make sure your student is dressed properly the day of dance. There is no time to change so if they are uniform, make sure they have shorts underneath and close toed shoes. Please make sure your student has a water bottle that day because most rooms do not have a drinking fountain.

7. If there are injuries we need to be made aware of, please let them instructor know so we can assist them with any modifications.

8. All instructors are CPR/AED certified for emergency purposes.

9. For any other concerns or questions, please contact the studio at (702) 539-5306.

10. Parents are NOT allowed in class to watch due to Clark County privacy and protection policies. This is why we have two performances per year so we can show you what we have been working on. Thank you for understanding.

11. No refunds for dropped /missed classes.

12. You give permission for any photos, video or social posts made from class or social events held. A written email must be sent if you decline sent to: excitedancers@gmail.com

Our program runs September through May with a break over summer. There is no contract, however, a two week notice must be given to stop auto pay. No refunds for late cancel.

Please accept the policies to continue. Thank you.