Arrow Academy Policy

May 17, 2024 07:19 PM

Material fees and summer courses are paid at the time of registration and are non-refundable, regardless of attendance.

If for any reason you need to stop lessons at our studio, notify us in writing at least 2 weeks prior to your next tuition payment. Material fees and prepaid tuition are non-refundable.

Mobility: Students should have the physical ability to sit for 15-minute increments within the lesson and use both hands independently to play their instrument.

Concentration: Students should possess the ability to focus and concentrate for 15-minute increments within the lesson, as group lessons require active participation and engagement.

Discipline: Students are expected to show discipline during lessons by following instructions and outside of lessons by practicing their instrument daily.

Respect: Students must show respect towards their peers, the teachers, and the studio environment. Disruptive behavior or disrespect towards others will be corrected.

Because our youngest students are still developing their concentration and discipline skills, we ask that all students ages 5-6 (or older if deemed necessary) be accompanied by an adult at each lesson. This allows the students to have extra help to stay on track as they develop these skills, and allows the entire class to be productive and successful.

Families of beginners who are new to Arrow Academy are expected to learn our programs and systems through a series of emailed onboarding information and by attending their child's first lesson if in-person.

Students are expected to complete assignments on their practice sheets. Students are required to have an instrument at home for practice. Parents are asked to sign each practice sheet as a witness to their student’s fulfillment of their practicing goal.

We guarantee to provide the total number of lessons in each session. We take the possibility of a teacher illness or inclement weather into consideration in creating our calendar; there are extra weeks built into the schedule each session to allow for these cancelled classes.

Held classes will not be made-up if a child is absent. However we do provide 20 minute individual Learning Labs for any child who has missed a class, or needs additional assistance.

For classes with monthly payments, auto-pay is required.

We communicate through a variety of methods: email, newsletters, in-person bulletin board announcements, class announcements, online parent bulletin board, and texts. Parents are expected to read and stay informed of studio information.