Policy Waiver

Jun 18, 2024 02:10 PM

I grant ADA irrevocable permission to use my child's image, name and visual likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purpose. I agree that all right, title and interest in and to all such images and any reproductions or derivative works shall be the exclusive property of ADA. Additionally, from time to time parents and students may opt to share videos, photos or other information on social media pages that may be used, hosted, created or referenced by any of the
above named Entities. The party posting takes responsibility for all sharing or posting of such information and waives any claim against the Entities for the release of any protected information. If my child(ren) is under the age of 18 at the time of this agreement, the party signing makes this waiver on behalf of their child(ren). I hereby release ADA and the named Entities from all liability or legal responsibility that may arise from the acts that I have authorized or consented to herein. I agree that ADA does not owe me any compensation for the acts that I have consented to in this Section. I have carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of this Section.

-Refunds are only issued when
ADA cancels a class due to low
-Account Credit will be issued when the student initiates a schedule change.
-No refunds will be given if a similar
online class is provided in place of an in-studio class.
-All account credits expire after 1 year if unused.
-All Tuition, Costume Fees, and Membership Fees are non-refundable

I have read and agree to abide by Allison's Dance Academy, LLC's (herein ADA) policies regarding tuition, membership fees, auto-renewal, service delivery, late charges, refunds, costumes fees, attendance, and dance attire.
I understand that ADA reserves the right to refuse instruction to anyone not abiding by ADA policies.
I understand that ADA reserves the right to cancel a class if enrollment needs are not met.
I understand that ADA is not responsible for lost items, stolen items, or unclaimed merchandise.
I understand that participation in a dance program involves risk of possible injury and/or illness. I understand that ADA and its staff will not be held responsible for injuries or illness sustained in class, in rehearsals, while performing, or traveling to or from its facilities
I understand that I assume full financial responsibility for risks of personal and bodily injury and/or illness that may be sustained in class, while performing, or traveling to or its facilities. I have and will maintain, at my expense, sufficient health insurance and other types of medical payments to cover the cost of any personal and bodily injury and/or illness may be sustained in class, in rehearsals, while performing, or traveling to or from its facilities.
I release ADA and its managers, instructors, employees, agents, associations, related companies, successors and assigns, from liability for all personal and bodily injury and/or illness that may be sustained in class, in rehearsals, while performing, or traveling to or from its facilities. I specifically intend this release to include all claims that my child and I might have based on actual or alleged negligent supervision, instruction, training, and or facility care and cleaning.
I authorize ADA to secure any emergency medical treatment my child might need.

As a Safer Studio, we subscribe to a higher standard of dance instruction and management principles. This includes ongoing training through More Than Just Great Dancing, and background checks. We do have a viewing in our Brandon and Rock Rapids locations and the teachers have it open from time to time at their discretion.
Our instructors are professionals in the industry, and another part of their training is taking online courses and live seminars on the core elements of constructing an environment focused on the well-being of kids. Some of these online courses include sex abuse in dance, internet and social media safety, recognizing signs of abuse with our help from friends at ChildHelp, bullying vs. conflict, costuming for confidence, and other courses from Youth Protection Advocates in Dance.
In addition to all of our teacher training, we do have security cameras in all public areas of the studio in each location.