Rules & Requirements

May 20, 2024 01:41 AM

Dancenter Rules for class……..
Dress Code: Proper dance attire will be required for class. Proper shoes will be required for class. You will be asked to sit out if you come to class without the proper attire or shoes. We do not care what color or style of dancewear you choose as long as you are in dancewear. Proper shoes are a must for you to receive the proper training. Below are the types of dancewear that you can purchase. Jeans are not acceptable.

Restroom Rules: Please take your child to the restroom prior to class. Leaving the classroom disrupts the whole learning process. With the little ones, it only causes a chain reaction. If your student requires more than one restroom trip per class, PLEASE let your instuctor know when the season begins.
What to bring to class: Students should only bring their dance bag that has their dance shoes and a bottle of water. If a student brings their cell phone, please put it on vibrate. We do not allow them to get on their phone during class. If a student violates the rule their phone will be taken and held by the instructor until the end of class. If there is an emergency the family can call the front office and we will get the student from class.
During Class: Students are not allowed to leave class without permission. They are not to leave the building unless they are being picked up by a parent or a representative of the parent. Do not bring friends to class unless it is “Bring a Friend to Class Week” or given pior permission. Please let the office know you are bringing a friend and their name.
Attendance: If a student is running a fever or feeling ill, please do not bring them to class. If a student has been exposed, PLEASE take the necessary precautions that are required for quarantine. We will continue to distance in the classroom.
Classroom: Parent and others are not allowed in the classroom during class. It only causes disruption. TV monitors will be in the lobby so that parents can observe the class. We are working to get them installed as quickly as possible. Students, PLEASE keep your classroom clean. Do not leave used tissues, empty water bottles and other things on the floor. Make sure you put your shoes back in your bag before leaving the classroom. PLEASE label your shoes with your name.
Respect: It is proper to thank the instructor for class with an applause or a thank you when class is over. It is never to early to learn proper etiquette that is practiced in the dance world. These things are required at dance conventions, camps and auditions.