Competition Committment Letter

May 29, 2024 10:17 PM

2023-2024 Competition Teams
Team Monthly Tuition Regular classes
Teen/Tween $200 Ballet x 2, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop & Tap/Pom (can be dropped)
Senior $170 Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop & Urban Funk
Mini $ 90 Ballet/Tap, Hip Hop
Fees do not change for dropping Tap. Mini can add Jazz class for an additional $30.
Mini Competition
Competition Fee $500 This fee is to be divided at $100 per month Aug thru Dec.
Includes OKC Convention, Costume and one style of dance at 3 competitions.
Senior/Teen/Tween Competition
Deposit: $300 Covers Convention Fee Due August 7th Non Refundable
Jazz $325 Covers entry fee & Costume
Contemporary $325 Covers entry fee & Costume
Hip Hop $325 Covers entry fee & Costume
Total fees for styles of dance that you choose will be paid Sept thru Jan as stated below.
1 style $65 per month Sept thru Jan
2 styles $130 per month Sept thru Jan
3 styles $195 per month Sept thru Jan
Solo $500 12 lessons & Choreography (unless you received a waiver from the drawing)
Duet/Trio $250 Each student 10 lessons & Choreography
Additional rehearsals $20 Monthly beginning the month following the 12 lessons.
Additional Conventions you can add any additional conventions at the time we announce.
Those fees must be paid at the time of announcement which is usually 45 days prior to the convention.
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Required participation
Annual Fundraiser: We will hold 2, you will be required to participate in at least one. Each student will need to sell at least 4 items. These funds will be used for improvements of the classrooms. Reward will be given to the highest salesperson at recital.
July 31-Aug 2 Choreography Days
September 15 Team Event (movie, party, etc.) Parent participation
September 16 Open House & National Dance Day Event
October 22 OK/LA Workshop (Only Mini’s Required)
October 28 Red Ribbon Parade Moore Parent participation
December9 Holiday Parade Moore/Studio Holiday Party Parent participation
January 2 & 3 Competition Rehearsals
February 23-25 Dance Makers Convention Branson (Required Tweens, Teens, Seniors)
March 23 Competition Showcase TBA
April 12-14 Gravity Competition
April 19-21 Symposium Dance Completion
April 20 GEMZ Dance Competition
April 27 Arts Festival TBA
May 4-6 Bravo Competition (Optional)
May TBA Armed Forces Day Parade
This is a list of our possible activities. Please keep in mind things can change so these dates are important incase arrangements change thru out the season. We will do our best to confirm these dates at least 30 days in advance.
We cannot function and meet required dates if everyone doesn’t pay on time. We must look at it as a group and not individually to be fair to each student/family. So, all payments for the month will be due by the 5th of the month. We cannot carry anyone’s balance from month to month. You will have a monthly tuition account and a competition account. Please stay on top of these and check your account monthly.
We hope this information will help you choose the right path and routines available to you. We are excited for everyone to participate this season. Using our students’ help, we will be drawing names for the ten free soloists from the list of our group team members, so look for that announcement. Again, we are so very excited to have you join us this season!
Parents/Student please circle your choices for team commitment and return. At that time, we will prepare your contract/agreement for signature.
Date ______________ Parent Signature ___________________________________________
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