Tuition and Fees Agreement

Feb 24, 2024 09:17 AM

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees Agreement

I understand that tuition remains the same regardless of days in the month, and regardless of absences. I understand that tuition rates are based on the number of classes per month. I understand the full August-June 2023-2024 season of dance includes a minimum of 35-38 lessons. I understand tuition is paid to be paid monthly by autopay on the first of each month or that I have the opportunity to pay in full. I understand that summer/winter camps and classes require a non-refundable registration fee in addition to the tuition fee(s) that applies with the class(es)/camp(s) in full. I understand Private Lessons, Competition Teams, Master Classes, Workshops and other special classes are not included in the Standard Tuition Chart. I understand that a valid credit/debit card must be saved securely on file. I understand that tuition will be debited from my account on the 1st day of each month, if my tuition has not been paid for the season in full. I understand a $20.00 late fee will be added to accounts if tuition isn’t paid by 5th of each month, in addition a $5/day late fee will be added to my account for each day my balance is not paid in full after the 15th of the month. I understand an automatic $20 Non-Sufficient Funds fee will be applied to my account for declined payments. I understand that I must pay the registration fee and the season's first and last months' tuition that applies to my class at time of registration. I understand tuition/fees/monies/registration paid for any and all events/camp/class/workshop/activity are non-refundable-- no exceptions.

I understand that if I enroll in a Recital Class, this class tuition is all inclusive with fees associated with the end of the year recital in June 2024. ISDC will not charge additional fees or items for recital that are not included in my tuition. Items included in the All Inclusive Tuition for recital classes are: (1) recital costume, custom t–shirt, a premium program, an end of the year celebration, a dance trophy, and two (2) 100% free recital tickets per family. I understand that I must pay the CATCH UP FEE for recital if registered after August.

I understand that if I or my child wishes to withdrawal that I must notify Miss Dana Loving-Sparks via email to or in person at the studio, in addition to completing a signed withdrawal form by the 1st of the month to stop auto payment for the next full month or I am responsible for the next month's tuition. I understand there are NO withdrawals of any classes after April 1st.

By checking the "I Accept" checkbox, I am signing this agreement and my signature at the end of this agreement is valid and hereby true.