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Acknowledgement of Risk, Waiver of Liability, and Media Release Form

As the parent or legal guardian of ___________________________________ ,I hereby consent to the above named person participating in the programs offered by iYooWee Dance and Fitness, LLC.

By the very nature of the activity, dance, tumble, and aerobics all carry a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the student and instructor, no matter how many spotters are used, no matter how many mats are provided, and no matter how many times the skill may have been performed perfectly, the risk cannot be eliminated. Reduced, yes, but never eliminated.

I understand and accept that risk.

In consideration of my participation, I hereby release and covenant not-to-sue iYooWee Dance and Fitness, LLC, the iYooWee Dance and Fitness, LLC. members/officers, the iYooWee Team Dance Booster Club, and any of their employees, teachers, coaches, or agents whether paid or volunteer, from any and all present and future claims resulting from ordinary negligence on the part of iYooWee Dance and Fitness, LLC; or others listed for property damage or personal injury, arising as a result of my child’s engaging in or receiving instruction in dance tumble, aerobics or any other activities, or any activities incidental thereto, wherever, whenever, or however the same may occur.

As the parent or legal guardian of the aforementioned person, I hereby agree to individually protect for the possible future medical expenses which may be incurred by my child as a result of any injury sustained while participating in any program of instruction or competition at, for, or under the direction of iYooWee Dance and Fitness, LLC.

I hereby consent to the photographing of the aforementioned person and the recording of the aforementioned person voice and the use of these photographs and/or recordings singularly or in conjunction with other photographs and/or recordings for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business purposes. I hereby release iYooWee Dance and Fitness, LLC., and any of its associated or affiliated companies, their directors, officers, agents, employees and customers, and appointed advertising agencies, their directors, officers, agents and employees from all claims of every kind on account of such use.

This acknowledgment of risk and waiver of liability have been read thoroughly and understood completely, is signed voluntarily as to its content and intent.

Signature of Parent/Guardian: _____________________________ Date: ______________