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Feb 23, 2024 05:03 AM

-The Fall-Spring Season is a 9 month session+ June (at a prorated amount). (Monthly tuition is calculated by a class yearly price. We split that amount into 9 smaller payments for your convenience + how ever many classes in June divided by "monthly amount") June 2020 those with tuition costing $80 will have a June amount of $40.
-Studio P location dancers are required to submit a "recital commitment fee" of $100 on or before the due date annually.
**When completing payment for all recital costuming ordered or planed to be ordered by management or teacher (however billed) on or before due date stated, as well as completing expected/mandated classes, and continuing attendance through till the recital show date (the recital fee due date - recital day in June) to honor the "Recital commitment" that was given when paid the fee. The ending product is now obtainable. Each family who followed the above check list will receive our show on 1 DVD and every student will obtain a recital T-SHIRT to wear during our shows finale and is mandated. To be sure that your tshirt is ordered, and correctly based on your preference you must fill out the requested paper, or sign up. At this time if desired, additional family member t-shirts + full price is due on or before its due date to be processed, order to be placed, and ultimately for the t-shirts to successfully be obtained by orderer.
- Classes will not be prorated in ANY result of absences, cancellations, holidays, snow days, emergencies, or etc.
- Any Costs at Studio P/Taylor&Co are non-negotiable and will not be changed for any reason even in result of request for any reason will automatically be a "no"
- AS OF 6/05/2019 ALL monthly tuition due dates will be the 1st day of each month. Auto Pay will be automatically withdrawn (on our end) the 1st of each month autopay is turned on during 2019 and 2020. June tuition will be prorated in 2020.
- AS OF 6/05/2019 CHECKS WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED for monthly payment, recital fees, costuming, etc.must all be made VIA PORTAL. We will accept checks in some rare occurrences such as Paying tuition for the year IN FULL before September. (if paid by check payee voids any discounted amounts for paying in full, discounts are only available for "the year in full" if payment is made before or on the due date selected each year and is made in CASH ONLY! Forms that are rarely accepted in check form, the payee must email a request to do so and an approval must be sent back in order for the check to be processes as acceptable by staff.
-Tuition, recital commitment fees, competition/convention fees, summer camps, choreography fees, production fees, costume fees, recital book ad, photography order fees, registration fees, and any other amounts are NON-REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON and must be paid for online in the portal on due dates to avoid late fees as each situation varies.
-There is a $25 fee to be added to portal accounts, and deducted for ALL transactions not approved or late including auto pay expired expiration dates, incorrect information, "unknowing card was not working" etc. WE HOLD THE parent’s/guardian 100% responsible to make payments BEFORE OR ON TIME ONLY, payment information to always be updated and to date to be charged correctly and not fall behind** (do so on your portal), follow all of our handbooks rules and competitive hand book rules and encourage, allow nothing less from your child as well. Students after 3 weeks of an account that is not current, or discussed, with a plan as to when it will be caught up/made current students will not be allowed into class to participate until account is acknowledged, discussed, and made current.
-Mandatory rehearsals are required to perform in the annual recital (as well as any performances, competitions, etc) along with meeting class attendance requirements see student handbook and competition agreement form. NOTE: Making a payment on time does not secure your spot in our performances, teams, or events. You must follow the guidelines, attendance rules, and all other rules and policies our studio enforces along with timely and appropriate payments.
-All enrolled students as of 05/5/2019 There is a $50 recital commitment fee that goest initially toward committing to perform in our recital therefore the costumes we order for your child up front. Families are fully responsible for their recital costumes after the november due date of the recital commitment fee, and all accessories, props any any further fees that have to do with dressing, or what is needed to perform your dance on stage. Costume Bills will be applied to classes/portals online around winter break every year to all students who are registered into classes. These bills are due JANUARY 30TH 2020 this season.
-Please note our ability and efforts we put forth when ordering costumes purely with our parents affordability range, our students size range availability, and teachers vision for the dance as well as general mindset as to what they see the students wearing is all put into account when ordering the BEST option for your class as a whole. Remember these checkpoints are all purely for your families convenience. This is an effort that takes our staff, weeks-months to accomplish and still is not 100% a good to go moment till the come in and are put onto our students to see if they work out.
Costumes, more then anything are MORE LIKELY not to be PERFECT more then anything else.
think about it... Just like ordering anything online, in comparison to seeing a physical example, trying something on, or just simply seeing it in real life before placing an order makes a world of difference. Costume companies are exactly the same.
-Every style is different no matter how many times you have ordered the exact fabric, shape/cut, color, or exact same costume from last year. IT is 100% guaranteed that costumes is going to be somewhat different!! Please understand this is not ever a mastered craft on our end. But we do have a lot of experience and ALWAYS have rhyme or reason for what we choose to decide/do. We always will choose the right option we feel is the best for your child and dancing and all the reasoning with those two together that work in the dance educator mindset. We do always expect and require a lot of patience on your end, and require your willingness to work with what we offer/choose. Please keep NEGATIVITY to yourself, and we will not tolerate that energy from our students about their costumes. This unappreciative behavior/bad attitude can and will result in the negative minded dancer losing the opportunity to perform or be in the dance/costume that was disrespected. Please be sure to set your child's mindset in the right direction when viewing costume that arte not necessarily your taste, or something that is not liked keep it to yourself and do not cause problems or the costume will be given to another student/family who will work hard and appreciate the opportunity.
parents/guardians are not to approach management about fixing a costumes. WE WILL APPROACH ANY SITUATION WHERE WE WILL THE URGENCY TO ALTER WITHOUT ANY SORT OF REQUEST. Immediately following ANY request from any one to alter, or financially take care of this type of service NO MATTER the severity it will be turned down. If management feels the NEED/responsibility in a situation that would require something like; the costume was accidentally ordered 3 sizes too small and we have another costume that can be build into the "small costume" to create a perfect fit. The staff member saw the outfit during group try on and didn't want to cause a commotion for the students sake so they called the the parent/guardian into the office afterward to explain they saw the misfit. Staff explains what they are going to do or what the parent should do play by play. The parent was happily surprised, appreciative and thankful, and most importantly excited that our staff would offer to help when they do not have to. To fix and the costume and truly fit their dancer so she feels confident, and a true superstar on and off the stage.

At anytime our policies can change, it is your sole responsibly to keep your eye on these policies, guides, and rules to avoid any confusion or unknown factors while dancing with us!!!

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. Also remember to direct your email to a certain staff member if necessary to do so during emailed questions and conversations that this request will help to solve.

Thank you for choosing both
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