school year session

Apr 01, 2020 04:28 AM

I hereby release The 23rd Street Dance Company and its agents or representatives of liability for any personal injury to myself (if student) or any of my student(s) arising out of participation in class or incurred while studying and dancing with The 23rd Street Dance Company. In the event of a medical emergency, I hereby authorize the agents of The 23rd Street Dance Company to use their discretion in securing treatment as deemed necessary under the circumstances. I understand every effort will be made to contact a parent/guardian (ER listings) in the event of an emergency.
The 23rd Street Dance Company is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. No refunds are offered. The exception is if a class does not open.
I understand The 23rd Street Dance Company may use mine or my student(s) photograph in social media or advertising. Please let us know via an email if you wish your child not to be photographed as you will have to sign another waiver to NOT photograph your child. Parent photography/videography through window is not allowed generally, unless special arrangements have been made with director. Open observation by parent/guardian is always welcomed through the observation windows in the waiting room, all other observers must make arrangements by texting or emailing us, to observe a class. All technique and choreography are the property of The 23rd Street Dance Company and may not be used without written permission.