Live Streaming Class Waiver

Apr 21, 2024 09:05 AM

1. There is a minimum of 2mSq of floor space and a minimum 2 metre clearance from floor to
ceiling per participant in the room upon which they are undertaking the dance/exercise class.
2. There is no glass, china or other breakable material that may lead to injury in the room in
which they are undertaking the dance/exercise class for the duration of the dance/exercise.
3. For any participants aged under 16, an appropriate adult (parent/carer aged 18+) must be
present in the room at the same time.
4. If the participant is unable to follow the instructor’s instructions they should cease the class
immediately until it is possible to ask the instructor for further guidance.
5. There should be a maximum of two participants undertaking the dance/exercise class in the
room at any one time (or two participants plus one supervising adult)