Communication Policy

Aug 13, 2020 09:41 AM

Colorado Eclipse Questions and Complaints Policies

We value your concerns here at Colorado Eclipse and we want to handle all complaints and questions to our best ability. To do so, we do ask all parents and athletes to follow our complaint policies outlined below.

Accounts, Payments, Tuition and Merchandise- All questions and concerns should be emails to miss Demi at Please allow 48-72 hours for response to allow our staff the time to do the proper research in you account and adjust whatever may need to be adjusted.

Coaches, Staff, Parent or Other Athletes- If you have a cernern, please send an email with a detailed description of the situation. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond to your complaint. We may reach out to other parties involved before we meet with you or respond. Please send concerns to Chase at

Competitions and Events- All information will be posted as we receive it. Most events do not put out times until the week prior. Please refer to the Calendar and Competition Policies before reaching out to our staff. If you have any complaints regarding an event that had just taken place, please email Miss Demi at Please allow Miss Demi 24-72 hours to respond and contact event officials.

Missed Practices (Competition Teams ONLY)- Please send absents to . All absences should be send at least 2 weeks prior to be excused.

We want to help you to the absolute best of our ability but, if we are not aware of a situation, we cannot help. If you have any major issues or concerns that you need to speak with staff member about, please send us an email to or to set up a meeting time with us.

Please do not contact managers and owners on social media regarding CEA details. We would like to have ALL communication via email so it does not get lost and we can properly answer your questions.

*Please allow us extra time to respond to emails and complaints during competition/event weekends and during our closures.*