Privacy Policy

Jun 04, 2020 10:34 AM

Dance2drama is committed to keeping and storing your personal information and data in lines with the new Data protection laws from May 25th 2018
If you proceed to registering on the parent portal of Dance2drama you will be asked to provide Dance2drama with your child’s full name, date of birth, address, school attending, and an emergency phone number. And your name and contact details.
These will only be used to contact you via email and/ or telephone to update you about classes, shows and exams and events your child maybe participating in
And to contact you in an emergency.
You will also be asked for sensitive data regarding any health or special need requirements for you child.
It is the parents duty to inform Dance2drama of any Health/medical conditions.
The data you provide Dance2drama with will be used to contact you in an emergency, to inform you either by email or text/telephone of any cancelled or changes to class times, to inform local Authorities when performing on stage in shows. To apply for BOPS through local councils for shows, to send out class, costume or exam invoices via email by Dancestudio pro.
To give you the opportunity to pay via our online portal for class,exam, uniform and costume fees by stripe or Paypal.
To inform our teachers of any medical/special need requirements.
The data you provide us with will be stored in 2 ways:
1. Via our online Parent Portal at which will only be accessed by the Dance2drama principal Yvonne Browne and can only be accessed by password on the computer/iPad and can then another password to Dance2drama portal
2. By Paper files which will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in the office of Dance2drama, and will only be accessed by Principal Yvonne Browne
The data you provide us with will be kept on file for 6yrs and then destroyed
You have the right to request access to the data we hold that concerns you
You have the right to correct any inaccuracies within the personal Data we hold that concerns you
Should you wish to exercise any of these rights please contact the principal via email or the contact us page.
Please note we use cookies on our website these are used to provide your details for the following
1. To send invoices and newsletters,emails using the Parent Portal provided by Dancestudio Pro
2.Paypal and stripe payments
3. Examination Boards, local councils and when your child performs in productions,London shows and Disney
4. To collect analytics via google and Yola which provides Dance2drama website
5. Please note we will not share your data for marketing purposes
You have the right to have your personal data removed from our systems at anytime to this please go to your parent account on the parent portal at and click on “right to be forgotten”this will email the principal who will then remove your data and then inform you this has been done by email.
Dance2drama have the right to not to do this if fees are outstanding.
For further info on Data protection laws GPDR please see our full policy.