2020-2021 Policies

Jan 16, 2021 03:15 AM

*Each dancer & staff member’s temperature will be taken before entering the building. Thermometer is a no contact infrared thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted into the building and will need to go home immediately. We recommend also taking your temperature at home before you leave.

*Liquid Hand sanitizer will be sprayed on dancers hands upon entry and exit to the building and their studio.

*Dancers may also use their own hand sanitizer if they choose.

*Soap is available in all bathrooms. Dancers will be encouraged to wash hands before/after class.

*Drinking fountains are closed. Sensored water bottle refill stations are available. Every dancer needs to bring a water bottle. In the event that a camper does not have a water bottle, we will have disposable cups.
Face coverings must be worn by all staff members and dancers during In-Studio and Outdoor Classes. Outdoor dancers may take their face coverings off when in their space on the lawn.

*We will be cleaning our commonly used areas several times throughout the day including lobby, all studio surfaces, bathrooms, doorknobs, all surfaces outside, etc.

*Cleaning disinfectant products we are using have a short contact period, are EPA-registered, and approved for use against the virus that causes COVID-19. Areas will be cleaned before and after dancers have occupied them.
Windows in the studios will be kept open for ventilation.

*Student curbside drop off & pick up will be required. Parents can walk their child to the front door if they choose, but can not come in.

*Multiple entrances to each studio to prevent overcrowding at our main entrance. Check in will be located outside on the lawn area. Dancers will check in and be directed to their entrance door.

*Physical distancing markers will be placed throughout the building, including in each dance studio, the hallways, bathrooms and lobby area. Social distancing must be followed at all times including during dance class. Failure to follow rules will result in removal from the Class.

*There will be a limited amount of students in each studio. Our groups will be smaller this year in order to meet the social distancing requirements put forth by the county and state.

*Cubbies have been placed in each studio to prevent crowded cubby halls and the mixing of students and their belongings from other groups.

*Dancers will be staying in the same studio for all of their classes.

*Classes will be on back lawn.

*Dancers will have their temperature taken and hands sanitized before taking class.

*Dancers will remain at least 6-8 feet apart throughout the class. Dancers will only go inside the studio to refill their water bottle or use the restroom.

-Any missed classes may be made up in a Virtual class of equal or lower level.
-Please do not drop your child off more than 10 min before class.

-Classes with fewer than 6 students will be subject to possible cancellation.
-If you wish to drop a class, it is recommended you drop your student from their classes through your Online Parent Portal.
-Changing into a different level class can be done only through the joint authorization of the teacher whose class you are leaving and the teacher of the class you would like to join.
-Should there be any cancellation or changes to your regularly scheduled class time, we will do everything possible to notify you via phone and email contact information that you have provided to us.

-Dancing is physical exercise – you participate at your own risk and it is your responsibility to consult your physician to confirm your fitness capabilities before beginning any dance lessons. A doctors’ note may be required to begin a class if you have special physical concerns, or to return to activity after an absence from class due to injury, illness, or during pregnancy. Always make your instructor aware of any physical limitations or concerns that you may have.
-No Acrobatics or tricks should be performed at any time without the supervision of our Acro teachers!

-Cell phones are not allowed on the dance floor. Please make sure cell phones are turned to a non-disruptive ringing mode during class.
-If for any reason you need to leave the premises during a class, please notify your instructor before class starts.
-Videotaping of classes is not permitted unless cleared with the instructor beforehand. Videos are not to be posted to YouTube or any other social media site without clearance from Melodic Remedy and the rest of parties in the video.
-We are thrilled to meet the many diverse personalities that join our studio and truly believe that every individual’s personality should be allowed to shine. That said, anyone who is expressing a difficult, overly negative, inappropriate or disruptive attitude will be dismissed from any class at any time at the teachers sole discretion. This includes parents.

-Hair must be worn up for ALL classes!
-Intro to Dance: These young dancers are welcome to wear the traditional leotard, skirt and tights. Dancers may also wear any outfit of their choice as long as they are able to move freely without distractions.
-Jazz/Musical Theatre: Comfortable form fitting dancewear. Tank tops, form fitting tops, leotards, spandex dance pants, shorts etc. Black or Tan Jazz shoes must be worn. Hair must be pulled back off the face in a ponytail. If hair is too short for a pony then it may be worn half up, half down.
-Acro: Comfortable form fitting dance wear. Tank tops, form fitting tops, leotards, spandex dance pants, shorts. Hair must be worn up.
-Tap: Comfortable activewear. No jeans allowed. Black or tan tap shoes must be worn.
-Ballet: Black leotard, Pink tights, Ballet Belt, Ballet slippers. Hair must be worn in a bun.
-Hip Hop: Comfortable, loose clothing you can move in. Hip Hop Sneakers or tennis shoes must be worn. Hats are allowed in this class.
-Contemporary/Modern/Lyrical: Comfortable form fitting dancewear. Tank tops, form fitting tops, leotards, leggings, shorts etc. Half Soles must be worn. Hair must be pulled back off the face. If hair is too short for a ponytail then it may be worn half up, half down.