Studio Policies

Jun 02, 2023 03:30 AM

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If received by 3N Motion after the 5th, a $35 late fee will be added to the account and I understand my child may be removed from classes until payment arrangements are made.

There is no credit or refund given for missed classes, but make-up classes can be arranged with the office within one month of the missed class.

We are not required as a studio to provide make up classes for un-excused absences or holidays. Your tuition pays for your classroom spot. NO REFUND will be given for MISSED TUITION or early withdrawal. I understand that the studio will be closed for National Holidays and follows Saint John's County School District calendar. Make-Up classes are optional and at the studio’s discretion.

The front desk must be notified by email or receive a drop request from the Parent Portal on or before THE 20TH DAY of the month stating this will be your last month. Failure to do so on or before THE 20TH DAY will result in tuition charges for the following month.
An early termination fee equivalent to a one month tuition will be charge to your accounts if notice is not received.. Verbal or phone cancellations will not be accepted.

Late fee: $35.00 late fee will be applied for any payment received after the 5th of each month, Regardless if your child has taken a class or not during tuition week.

NSF: A $35.00 fee will be charged for returned checks alone with any other bank fees charged to the studio by our financial institution in addition to the bank charges an our studio NSF fee a late charge fee may be charged to your account.
We do not mail monthly statements. This fee will also be applied if your credit card is declined when auto pay is done.

Recital: Students enrolled at 3 N Motion will participate in our end of the year recital or parent showcase. Costume cost is between $60.00-$150.00 dollars. All costumes must be paid or ordered by the deadline. (Please see studio for those dates) Costumes arrive 10-12 weeks after initial order is placed. Your child’s costume will not be order until payment is received. Costume payment not received by the assigned deadline may require additional fees for rush delivery and shipping. 3N Motion is not responsible for costumes that required alterations etc. Any costume exchanged will be charged additional delivery fee and shipping fee.

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds on costumes or recital related fees - no exception.

Recital Fee: A one-time fee of $25 per dancer will be collected during the month of January to June to help with the cost of props, programs and other misc. expenses. Additional charges may be required per class to help with the cost of props.

It is important for your child to attend their classes consistently, failing to do so may result in your child been moved to a different class, or not participate in our dance recital.

If a student fails to attend classes for two weeks and you do not notify 3N Motion Dance Studio, they will be considered a NO SHOW. An early termination fee equivalent to one month’s tuition will be charged.

No parents allowed inside the dance rooms unless invited by a teacher or staff member.
Cameras in our lobby may be available for parents to view your child’s class but may be turned off during recital preparations or any other special events.

No smoking, or eating in the lobby.

A hard copy of our studio policies is available at the studio.