Studio Policies

Mar 04, 2024 10:03 PM


To reserve a space in any class, payment information must be provided in advance.

A non-refundable registration fee of $45.00 per dancer or $65.00 per family is due at the time of enrollment. The non-refundable registration fee is assessed annually (the annual season runs from August through June).

New Registration Families are required to purchase the studio leotard for their dancer that is appropriate for their class level (see dress code policy). These are available to order through the parent portal, although we do have an in-studio store with limited sizes and quantities available for purchase.

Tuition payments are due on the first of each month and are payable through auto-draft only. We do not accept cash or check as a primary form of payment for tuition.

A valid credit card must be always kept on file.

There is a 2.75% convenience fee charged for all credit card transactions. This is charged by the credit card processing company and not something that 3’N Motion can waive.

If your card on file is declined, an alternate payment must be made within 72 hours.

If the payment does not go through, a $35 NSF Fee will be added to the account.

A $35 Late Fee will be charged for any payments not made in full by the 5th of the month; this includes declined charges for cards on file for any reason.
Collection: Any unpaid account over 15 days will be sent to collections.


We are a year-round studio program, that runs from August-May: All dancers are expected to complete their year-long contract. An early termination fee equivalent to at least two months of tuition (up to 6 months) will be charged to early drop-outs. For example, if your child wants to drop out at the end of December, your termination fee will be equivalent to 5-month tuition. All payments are non-refundable.

Exceptions will be made for military transfers or work relocations over 45 miles.

Withdrawal notifications must be made in writing. Verbal or phone cancellations will not be accepted. Please refer to the studio website for the tuition table. Exceptions to this policy will be made for Military transfers with a DD214 or employment relocation that exceeds 45 miles from the studio.


As part of our commitment to providing a seamless and continuous dance education experience, our studio has implemented the following Auto-Renewal Policy:

Automatic Renewal of Registration Contracts: Registration (Enrollment) contracts for our dance classes will automatically renew for each subsequent dance year that a family enrolls their dancer(s) in classes. This auto-renewal ensures uninterrupted participation and access to our dance programs.

Written Notice for Non-Renewal: If you decide not to return for the upcoming dance year, it is mandatory to inform us in writing. The intent to discontinue must be provided in a written format to the studio administration before the commencement of the new dance year. Failure to provide this written notice will result in the automatic renewal of the registration contract.

Re-Enrollment After a Break: In cases where a dancer does not enroll in classes for a consecutive dance year (i.e., there is a break or a gap year), re-enrollment will require the signing of a new registration contract. This policy applies to ensure that all returning dancers and their families are up-to-date with any changes in studio policies, procedures, and class structures.

Acceptance of Studio Policies through Participation: Enrollment and attendance in classes are considered as an acknowledgment and acceptance of all current studio policies and procedures. By participating in our classes, dancers and their families agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth by our studio.

We encourage our dance families to review these policies regularly and reach out to our administration with any questions or clarifications. Our goal is to provide a transparent and supportive environment for all our dancers and their families. Copies of all studio policies are available on our studio website and as part of the waivers and policies module in your parent portal.


Notification Deadline: To drop or change a class, parents/guardians must notify the dance studio by the 20th of the month preceding the desired change. For example, if a student wishes to drop or change a class for March, the studio must be notified by February 20th.

Dropping a Class and Returning: If a student drops a class and later decides to return to the same class within the same dance season, an additional registration fee will be charged. This fee is intended to cover administrative costs associated with re-enrollment and class management.

Registered Classes Only: Students are only allowed to attend the classes for which they are officially registered. This policy ensures accurate class rosters, proper student-to-teacher ratios, and a safe learning environment for all participants. For example, if your child is registered for a Monday Primary Level 1 Ballet class, they will not be permitted to attend the Saturday Primary Level 1 Ballet class (unless you are registered for both classes).

February Deadline for Class Changes: Due to recital preparations, no class changes will be permitted after the end of February. This restriction helps maintain consistency and ensures that students and instructors have sufficient time to prepare for the upcoming recital or performance. Students or their parents/guardians need to adhere to these policies to facilitate smooth operations within the dance studio and to provide a fair and organized experience for all participants.


All students are expected to come to class on time and be prepared to work.

Students should be attentive and obey group directives given by their instructor.(Instructors will kindly guide them in learning this skill).

Students should be kind and polite to their classmates and teachers. Being courteous and respectful sets the tone for learning.

Students are expected to remain in class for the duration of time and must receive permission from their instructor to leave for safety reasons. Permission will be granted at the discretion of their instructor with consideration made for younger dancers.

Food and drink are not allowed in the class nor is chewing gum.

ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES (INCLUDING WATCHES) IN CLASS. Students should silence cell phones and leave them in their locker or student area at their own risk. 3’N Motion Dance Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

Students are expected to keep their belongings neat and tidy and clean up after themselves while at the studio. This includes disposing of wrappers/papers and keeping their belongings/shoes in the cubbies or lockers provided. Staff will help assist our younger dancers, but parent support is appreciated to set this expectation of behavior.

3’N Motion Dance Studio is not responsible for any personal belongings left on campus. “Lost and Found” articles will be disposed of or donated after 1 week.


1. Expectations of Conduct: All students are required to adhere to established behavior expectations while on studio property. These expectations are set to ensure a safe, respectful, and conducive learning environment.

2. Consequences for Non-Adherence: Students who fail to meet these expectations, or engage in behavior deemed unsafe or disruptive, will be subject to dismissal from class and/or the studio premises.

3. Parental Notification and Responsibility: In the event of dismissal, studio staff will immediately contact the student's parent or guardian. The parent/guardian is responsible for arranging prompt pick-up of the student.

4. Discussion of Dismissal: Parents or guardians wishing to discuss the circumstances leading to their child's dismissal must schedule a private meeting with the studio staff.

5. Scheduling Meetings: Meetings regarding dismissal can be scheduled between 8 am and 2 pm, Tuesday through Thursday, and are subject to staff availability.

This policy is enforced to maintain the integrity and safety of the learning environment for all students.


Parents are expected to be courteous while waiting and keep a low volume in the lobby as the noise is distracting to our dancers! Bullying of any kind, toward dancers or their families will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave and subject to dismissal from our dance programs.

Parents may leave the campus while their child is in class.

Supervised siblings are welcome to wait in the lobby. We appreciate you helping to keep the waiting area neat and tidy.

Students should not be dropped off at the campus earlier than 5 minutes before class time and must be picked up promptly afterward. The studio reserves the right to charge $20 for every ten minutes you are late picking up your dancer.

3’N Motion is not a daycare. If your child has more than an hour between classes, you will be required to pick up your students and bring them back for their next class. Alternatively, you can opt to pay a $20 supervision fee for them to stay instead of picking them up. This is an optional convenience that can be revoked at any time by either the parent or 3'N Motion Dance Studio. If it is decided that the student is not a candidate for this courtesy, parents will be required to pick up their student immediately after classes for which there is an extended break. Failure to do so will result in a $20 charge or every ten minutes the parent is late in picking up their child.

If late for class, please have your dancer wait until the end of the music to enter the dance classrooms.

Observation is closed to parents on a regular basis, but observation days will be offered at times throughout the year. Please note that we do not offer observation windows or one-way mirrors in our classrooms. For your convenience, the studio offers video viewing options in the lobby. Please note that during closed rehearsal times, these cameras may be unavailable or limited to specific classes to protect the choreographer's intellectual and artistic property.

Posting video clips of classes or choreography on social media is prohibited. Please respect our intellectual and artistic property, as well as the safety of other dancers.

Instructors are happy to speak with parents about concerns or give feedback but respectfully ask that you arrange to conference with them in the daytime hours, not during or after class time. Meeting times will be held during the week, Tuesday through Thursday, between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm based on the studio staff availability.


Our dress code is carefully crafted to ensure unity, discipline, and respect in the classroom. By following the dress code, instructors can see students’ silhouettes and make the utmost technical corrections. Similarly, abiding by the dress codes sets an attitude of respect, attentiveness, and courtesy for students, instructors, and the classroom. Uniforms create a sense of unity and remove distractions caused by different attire. Colorful and distracting dance attire can take the focus away from the instructor. Choreographing is also easier when dancers are similarly dressed. Lastly, our dress code ensures your dancer’s safety to avoid injuries (e.g., no dangling jewelry or chewing gum). If dancers are out of the dress code, they will be asked to sit out of class.

Please do not wear street shoes on the studio floor; this ensures the safety of your dancer’s feet from outside debris.

No necklaces, rings, bracelets, or watches are allowed. Dancers can only wear stud earrings with nothing else on their necks, wrists, or fingers.

Underwear should not be worn with leotards and tights, as tights serve the same purpose and are more comfortable for dancing.

Please refer to our website for individual dress code requirements for each discipline.


Hands-on corrections may be used by instructors to teach proper technique. These corrections are never invasive, punitive, or intimate in nature. Parents can opt out of this form of instruction by notifying the studio director.


Students are initially placed in classes based on their age level and consideration of any experience. All faculty will then recommend placement for your dancer based on their trained evaluation. Faculty can recommend a change in placement if a student is not being challenged. Faculty do not have permission to discuss placement with parents. Only the artistic director will discuss any placement changes with parents. Students may be required to audition for placement in the future.


Observation week will be announced in advance via email, social media, newsletters, and the website. Parents who are observing either in the lobby or during designated observation weeks are asked to do so quietly and without distraction. Walking in and out of the studio, talking to each other, talking to your dancer, or calling on the phone is distracting. Siblings will not be permitted during observation week(s).


Costumes: Students enrolled at 3 N Motion will participate in our end-of-the-year recital or parent showcase. Costume cost is between $60.00-$150.00 dollars. All costumes must be paid or ordered by the deadline. (Please see studio for those dates) Costumes arrive 10-12 weeks after the initial order is placed. Your child’s costume will not be ordered until payment is received. Costume payment not received by the assigned deadline may require additional fees for rush delivery and shipping. 3N Motion is not responsible for costumes that required alterations etc. Any costume exchanged will be charged an additional delivery fee and shipping fee.

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds on costumes or recital-related fees - no exceptions.

Around March tuition you will notice, an additional recital fee billed along with your monthly tuition.

The recital fee is $125 for one dancer and $50 per sibling and includes a recital t-shirt for each dancer and a single digital download of the recital.

The recital fee also covers various expenses related to the recital production.

All fees associated with recital costumes and the recital itself are non-refundable.

Mandatory Rehearsals: Attendance at all scheduled rehearsals is mandatory for all participating dancers. Rehearsals are crucial for ensuring a successful and well-coordinated recital performance. It is important for dancers to commit to attending all rehearsals as outlined by the dance studio.

Account Status Requirement: To participate in the recital, a dancer's account must be current, meaning all outstanding balances for tuition, costumes, team balances (if applicable) and recital fees must be paid in full. This requirement helps maintain the financial stability of the dance studio and ensures a fair and equitable experience for all participants.

Non-Refundable Payments: Although you enroll for a full season, we understand that circumstances may arise where you need to drop/withdraw from a class. If you choose to discontinue services and no longer wish to be enrolled with 3’N Motion Dance Studio payments made toward tuition, costumes, or recital fees are non-refundable, regardless of a dancer's participation in the recital.

By adhering to these policies, dancers, parents/guardians, and the dance studio can work together to create a successful and enjoyable recital experience for everyone involved.

It is important for your child to attend their classes consistently, failing to do so may result in your child being moved to a different class, or not participating in our dance recital.

If a student fails to attend classes for two weeks and you do not notify 3N Motion Dance Studio, they will be considered a NO SHOW. An early termination fee equivalent to one month’s tuition will be charged.

No parents are allowed inside the dance rooms unless invited by a teacher or staff member.
Cameras in our lobby may be available for parents to view their child’s class but may be turned off during recital preparations or any other special events.

No smoking, or eating in the lobby.

A hard copy of our studio policies is available at the studio.