2024-25 Policies and Waivers

Jul 15, 2024 01:43 PM

--- I, the parent or legal guardian of the student, understand that my acceptance of these policies constitute acceptance of the following conditions of my child’s enrollment at Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center.

--- I understand that I will be provided a link to the 2022-23 Policies and Procedures Guide, including information, important dates and expectations about the dance year and I am responsible for this information.

--- I recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with participation in group activities and I assume full responsibility for personal injury and illness (including communicable diseases such as MRSA, influenza and Covid-19) to my dancer(s), myself, and my family members or guests, and further release and discharge Steppin Time, Inc for injury, loss or damage arising out of my or my family's use of or presence upon the facilities of Steppin Time, Inc, whether caused by the fault of myself, my family, Steppin Time, Inc or other third parties.

--- I agree to indemnify and defend Steppin Time, Inc against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may in any way arise from my or my family's use of or presence upon the facilities of Steppin Time, Inc.

--- I hereby authorize the staff and director representing Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center to give consent for any and all necessary emergency medical care for my child, while said child is in the custody of Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center personnel. I also hold harmless Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center or any other Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center personnel in such an event.

--- I will provide all pertinent medical conditions my child has, including asthma and food allergies.

--- I understand that my monthly payment is an all-inclusive installment, including all charges for events and recital including costumes, tights, recital fee, tickets, t-shirt and video. The final full payment will be due May 15 and is required for participation in the end of year recital. Registration fee and optional items such as spirit wear or recital portraits are the only thing charged separately. Dropping class will not result in a refund of any inclusions or missed classes.

--- I understand that I am required to enter a card for automatic payments. I understand that I can avoid my card being charged by paying with check before the 15th of the month. By entering a credit card for automatic payments, I am authorizing Steppin Time PAC to charge my monthly installments on the 15th of every month September through May unless I officially terminate my enrollment.

--- I understand that if I wish to terminate the above listed student’s enrollment at Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center, that I must email a “Termination of Enrollment” note to Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center office, which will relieve me of future monthly installment payments. TUITION IS BASED ON ENROLLMENT—NOT ATTENDANCE. MY TUITION LIABILITY CEASES EFFECTIVE THE FIRST OF THE NEXT MONTH AFTER I SIGN A “TERMINATION OF ENROLLMENT” FORM. No refunds will be given.

--- A Videographer/Photographer will be present at several Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center events throughout the year. Events include, but are not limited to, performances, rehearsals and dress rehearsals, classes and other promotional events. Steppin’ Time Performing Arts Center has the right to use these images for marketing and promotional materials, including but not limited to, print advertisement, newsletters, websites and social media.