Academy of Dance 2023-2024 Policies

Feb 23, 2024 01:55 AM

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to the Academy of Dance. In this document, you will find dates to remember, dress codes, tuition policies, production
policies, and many other helpful pieces of information. Please read this carefully even if you are a returning student as there have
been some changes.
Our teachers and staff are excited for this new year to share our love of dance with you and your family. Thank you for choosing the
Academy of Dance.
Heather Cote, Owner

Office Hours

Kristen Hagerott will be in the office of Monday from 4-6pm and Thursdays 5:15-6:15pm. Ms. Kristen can help you with getting sized for new dancewear, adjust the classes your dancer is taking and other questions about policies and recitals.
Denay Klein will be in the office on Tuesday from . Ms. Denay can help you with getting sized for new dancewear, adjust the classes your dancer is taking and other questions about policies and recitals.
Amelia Dustin will be in the office on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 pm. Ms. Amelia can help answer any questions about your account,
sizing for new dance wear and schedule times for make-up classes.
Additional times available by appointment only. Call or email the studio to schedule.

Drop Off/Pick Up

All dancers are encouraged to arrive at the studio at the start of class time.
Students will grab their cubbies and get ready for class. The doors to the studio will be locked during classes. If your dancer is late
for class or needs to leave early, please call the Academy and we will let them into the building. All students will be released out the
south-facing door. Please meet your dancer at the end of the ramp. Younger students will be taken out by Student Assistants.
Teachers need to be notified prior to the class time if someone besides their legal guardian is picking up the child.

Dress Code

Why does the Academy of Dance have a dress code? The dress code is a part of tradition and etiquette, instills discipline, builds self-esteem,
builds class unity, and makes it easy for teachers to see corrections.
• Dance wear must be purchased through the Academy of Dance.
• All students must wear uniforms based on the classes they attend.
• Dancers are welcome to wear masks in class.
• Please mark clothes and shoes with the student’s name.
• Hair must be neatly secured in a ponytail or bun for the duration of the class, depending on the dress code of the class.
• All undergarments must not be visible in class. For blossoming young women, bras and full-body undergarments are
available for purchase through the studio. A dance belt is required for boys 12 and older. No sports bras, bandeaus,
Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, or any other non-studio-approved undergarments are permitted.
• Students not meeting the required dress code will be asked to sit out and observe class.
• Do not come into the classroom with street clothes on.
• Dancer must go outside with street clothes over your leotards and tights.
• Do not wear dance shoes outside.
• Dance warm-ups are not to be worn during class unless approved by the instructors.
• Jewelry is not permitted in class, except small stud earrings.

Dress Code by Class
Parent & Me/Ballet Steps – Pink Dance Dress, pink tights, pink ballet shoes with hair in a bun.
Ballet/Tap I-II – Purple Dance Dress, pink tights, pink ballet shoes/tan tap shoes with hair in a bun.
Ballet/Tap III-IV – Short sleeve black leotard, pink tights, black skirt, pink ballet shoes/tan tap shoes with hair in a
Ballet V-VIII/Tap – Camisole leotard, pink tights, black skirt, pink ballet shoes/tan tap shoes with hair in a bun.
Cecchetti (Primary III, Grade I-V) – Black camisole leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers with hair in a bun.
Jazz Intro, I-III – Solid colored camisole leotard, pink or tan tights, black jazz pants, tan jazz shoes with hair in a ponytail or bun. Leotards
may not have halters, cross straps or patterns.
Hip Hop Intro, I-II– Black Short Sleeve or Camisole leotard, black jazz pants, socks or tights, hip hop sneakers with hair in a ponytail.
Contemporary I-III – Black leotard, black shorts and/or convertible tights with hair in a ponytail.
Musical Theatre - Black short sleeve or camisole leotard, dance shorts or slip on skirts, character shoes with hair in a high ponytail
Acrobatics - Black Short sleeve or camisole leotard, shorts and convertible tights (if desired) with hair braided or ponytail at the base of the neck

Ballet/Tap/Cecchetti – White short-sleeved shirt, black pants (no designs, stripes, or pockets-sew them shut), white socks, white
ballet slippers/black tap shoes.
Intro to Jazz & Hip Hop /Jazz I – III – Academy of Dance T-shirt or solid colored shirt, black jazz pants, black dress socks, and jazz shoes or hip hop sneakers.
Musical Theatre - fitted solid colored shirt, black pants and black jazz shoes
Acrobatic - fitted solid colored shirt, black pants or shorts

Used Dance wear

We will have two times during the year to drop off used dance wear. All items must be in good condition without holes or stains. We
do not accept tights. Items are available for half the original price. Please fill out the clothing order form, indicate you would like
used dance wear, along with the items desired and size. We will provide available options within two weeks of submission. All items
can be purchased for cash only. Payment for personal items sold will be distributed to your child at their next dance class.

Tuition Policies

• Preregistration is half of September’s tuition.
• At registration in August, the remainder of September’s tuition is due.
• Make sure to pay your tuition by the 5th of each month.
• Any returned checks (NSF) will be charged $30 on accounts. This includes unfulfilled direct withdrawals (ACH).
• There will be a $20 late fee if payments are received after the 5th of the month. No exceptions.
• Students register for the entire dance year, September through May.
• December is half-tuition because we only have class for two weeks.
• If a student drops or changes a class, the proper paperwork needs to be completed and returned by the 25th of the month
prior to the change. Forms turned in after this date will be billed for the next month. Tuition for previous class(es) will be
charged until the necessary paperwork is completed.
• All tuition must be paid IN FULL by May 5, 2024.
• No tuition reductions are made due to absences.
• Discounts are given to families with more than one registered dancer. The dancer with the most classes (or highest tuition)
is full price. All additional dancers are half price.
Multi-Class Discount- 2 classes-10% discount, 3 classes- 15%, 4 or more classes- 20%

Withdrawal Policy/ Class Change

Our academic year runs from September through May. Parents are responsible for the full year of tuition unless a written
withdrawal letter is turned in along with a Class Change Form. Tuition will not be refunded if a dancer withdraws in the middle of the
month. Forms need to be turned in five days prior to the end of the month to avoid paying for the next month.
There are many times that dancers decide to change class times or styles. The Class Change Form needs to be completed and turned
into the office by the 25th of the month prior to the change. If the change is based on the teacher wanting to move a student to a
higher or lower level, both the current and new teachers must sign the form. Tuition will be charged for the month that the change

Payment Methods

We accept cash and check. Please place cash payments in an envelope or fold them into paper by our payment boxes. Make sure that
the amount enclosed and the dancer’s name is written on the envelope or paper.
• Checks can be placed in the payment boxes. List all of the items (tuition, clothing, etc.) included in your check amount.
Returned checks are subject to a $30 return check fee.
* Credit card payments will only be accepted if the card is on file or is paid during office hours.
* Direct withdrawal (ACH)- We draw your dancer's tuition from your account between the 5th and 9th of each month. Emails are sent for you to approve or deny us to withdraw for additional items such as clothing, recital fees, etc. We must receive email confirmation to withdraw anything more than tuition. A form must be dated and signed with a voided check or not from your bank with the account number.


Consistent attendance is essential to the success and development of the dancer. This cannot be stressed enough.
• If you know that your dancer is going to be late or miss class, please notify the teacher the week before if possible.
Otherwise, call the Academy and leave a message. Teachers will be notified prior to class.
• There are no tuition refunds because of missed classes.
• Teachers can miss one class per Semester without making up the class. All other classes missed due to weather or teacher’s
absence will be made up on the two specified make up dates listed on the yearly calendar.
• If a dancer must leave class early, a written note must be given to the teacher prior to the start of class.
• If prolonged absences are anticipated, discuss this situation with Ms. Heather Cote.
• We vest a great deal of time and effort into each of the dancers that attend our studio. With that being said, dancers are
asked to exclusively take classes at the Academy only. Different methods are taught at different studios and will hinder
proper learning. If this policy is broken, students will be removed from classes with the remainder of the current month
tuition due.

Makeup Classes

If your child is sick or has another obligation that conflicts with their dance class, they are welcome to make up class in the same
style that they missed. After your dancer misses a class, they can make up for the next 30 days. Make sure to call the Academy and get verbal confirmation that your child is able to make up classes on the desired day. Tuition will not be refunded for missed classes.
The Academy of Dance can miss two classes before a makeup class will be scheduled. The make-up days will be set on the schedule; one in January and one in April.

Parent Observation

We have what is considered a closed classroom. This is for the benefit of the child and his or her learning as well as the parents. We
want you to know that we are providing a safe, positive learning environment where your children can express themselves. Many of
our young dancers may struggle with leaving their parents or guardians. We strongly suggest you have a conversation with your
dancer that gives them the confidence to trust their teacher and/or Student Assistant. If your dancer struggles with leaving you,
please stay for 5-10 minutes in the waiting room

Speaking with an Instructor

Please communicate with your dancer’s teacher via email ( or written note. There is limited time
between classes so keep any communication brief. If a problem arises, the teacher and Ms. Heather need to be notified. Please do
not contact Ms. Heather or other Academy of Dance staff on their personal cell phones without prior permission.

Lost and Found

Any items that are left in or around the studio building will be placed in one of the Lost and Found boxes found in the sitting rooms.
Please check the Lost and Found boxes prior to asking your teacher for new shoes or dance wear.

Dressing Rooms

Make sure to keep your personal belongings in cubbies or lockers. Our rental fee for lockers are
$10 per month. These fees will only be applied during the months that we will be meeting face to face.


Each dancer will receive a Manners for Dance form upon registration. Please review this sheet with your dancer. Please be punctual
to class and in picking up your child from class. If your dancer is going to be at the studio for more than 15 minutes after class, a note
needs to be given to their teacher one week prior to class stating the duration of their extended stay.


We will be communicating with you in four different ways. The email address you give us at registration will be the main way we will
be communicating this year. It is imperative that you have an updated email on file with us to receive this information. We will also be updating our Facebook page ( and our website
( All newsletters and notes will be posted on your parent portal.

Studio Rental Space

We do have studio space available for rental. Different rental rates apply based on business and non-business hours. Please ask Ms.
Heather for more information.