COVID19 Class Procedures

Apr 19, 2024 08:18 PM

Gasper’s School of Dance
COVID19 Procedures for Classes
Updated: 8/1/2020

It is extremely important to Gasper’s School of Dance to communicate with our parents. We want all families to feel that we have done everything we can to be a safe space for your dancers. If you are not ready to bring your child back to our studio in person, we will continue to provide class virtually. Below are our policies and protocols as we head back into the studio. Please know these are subject to change.

1. All students will be dropped off and picked up from the driveway. No parking or waiting idly in the driveway. (Lobbies are closed). One Staff Member will be accepting students. The teacher will be inside the dance studio to receive students and will sanitize all hands as they arrive. All Dancers and Staff are encouraged to wear masks. MASKS ARE REQUIRED.

2. Lobbies are closed to all non-dancers, including parents. If you wish to make a payment the dancer can bring the payment in(cash or check), otherwise you can call the studio.

3. The drinking fountains will be out of service, please arrive with a full water bottle if needed for class.

4. Each student will remove street shoes and place them on a taped box that is spaced throughout the lobby. No furniture cubbies or dressing rooms will be available.

5. Each dancer must come ready to dance. Their dance bag will be placed next to their street shoes. They will also wait in their designated box to enter into the studio, until the instructor addresses them.

6. Our floors are tape gridded in 10 ft areas. Class sizes are limited to 7 or 5 depending on the studio. There is a taped off teacher area up front where students are not permitted and one by our desk, so that teachers can breathe, direct, drink water, change music, etc without students within 10 ft. (And possibly pull off a mask for a second to catch their breath)... this has been important. Gets hot behind the mask.

7. Center floor work: each student will stretch and do center work in the middle (marked with colored tape) of each gridded square.

8. Across the floor: each dancer will report to their colored spot and go across the floor when called. Teachers know to randomly stagger those who are called, so no one follows another and possibly breathes in their exhaled droplets.

9. Changing dance shoes: Little ones will sit on floor to change shoes and teachers will help change their shoes from the floor, if they need help. After each shoe change everyone gets hand sanitizer again. All shoes must be labeled with dancer’s last name.

10. Restrooms: there is hand sanitizer outside of the bathroom. We have 2 restrooms, but one is now assigned staff only. After each use we will ask if they washed hands... We will have them re-apply hand sanitizer and a staff member will spray the toilet and sink with disinfectant. All soap dispensers will be filled with antibacterial soap in each bathroom.

11. At the end of each class dancers are called to the lobby to retrieve street shoes. They are then to stand in a taped box where the bag/shoes were until a staff member dismisses the student to the car.

12. Teacher is preparing the studio for the next class. Between each class: all barres and surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant. The floor will be wet swiffered. The bathroom is resprayed. The teacher in the lobby at the exit doors for dismissal, wipe’s door handles, door knobs, and common areas.

13. No cell phones will be allowed. If a parent must send a child to class with a cell phone in their bag, it must be in a sealed ziploc bag and turned to silent.. A nurse I know said the phones are breeding grounds for spreading germs and I saw how much they want to share with each other.

14. We have laser thermometers on hand to check temps as students arrive. Students will be turned away if they have a temperature. If a child looks/feels ill we will send anyone home who doesn’t feel well.

15. Parents keep any child home if they are sick, have or had fever in the last 48 hours, or anyone in home is sick etc. We will send anyone home who doesn’t feel well.

16. If a student has been in contact with someone who has had COVID19 you must let us know as soon as possible.

17. We are still offering the virtual experience at class time.

18. At the end of each night, the teachers and staff will wipe down all surfaces (door knobs, door handles, bars, desk, etc. and re-spray the bathrooms. Each night the lobbies and common areas will be professionally cleaned.

19. All of our air filters are cleaned and changed regularly.

20. Please remind your child that hugs and high fives spread germs. Respect a safe distance when approaching staff and instructors.

21. All policies and procedures are subject to change. Reminder lobbies are closed.

22. By agreeing to these policies you understand Gasper’s School of Dance and Performing Arts are not liable for injury, sickness, or death.