Payment Policy & Guidelines Agreement

Jun 17, 2024 12:01 AM

Dancing For Joy - Payment Policy, Guidelines & Values (Updated 5-2-24)

A) Tuition Fees & Payments:
- Please visit our website at to see the most current tuition break down.
- Tuition is due on the 1st of each month or the first day of a new dance season.
- A $10 late fee will be accrued once tuition is 10 days late.
- Tuition is a yearly amount that is broken down into 10 equal installments due each month, August through May, regardless of start date.
- Shorter months will not be prorated and longer months will not be charged additional tuition fees.
- Autopay allows tuition fees to be paid on time without any additional fees – sign up via your parent portal account for your convenience.
- If your account is more than 30 days overdue, this may result in the automatic removal of your dancer(s) from their enrolled classes. We will not hold your dancer’s spot in the class(es). Your full balance due, including any late fees, will be required to enroll your dancer in the future.
- Trial classes are no-strings-attached classes and are not charged normal tuition fees. Trial and drop-in classes are subject to a $24/hour fee. Normal tuition fees apply if the dancer enrolls in the class being trialed.
- A NSF, returned check, or failed AutoPay payment will be subject to a $35 fee per occurrence. Please be sure to keep your card on file up to date at all times.
- Please email us at if you foresee any extenuating circumstances that may require our assistance.

B) Tuition Savings & Credits:
- Dancing For Joy offers a paid in full discount for families who would like to pay their tuition for the dance year in August. Save 10% (which is one month free) for paying in full!
- Dancing For Joy offers discounts on tuition for military families, active foster families, and missionary families. Email us at for more information.
- Multiclass and Family discounts are automatically included in our tuition schedule – our class pricing is per family, not just per dancer.
- A one-time referral credit of $7 is offered to enrolled families who invite a new family to enroll for classes.
- We offer scholarships for families in need. Please email us at to inquire.

C) Refunds & Account Adjustments:
- Tuition is non-refundable without a doctor’s note or an approved extenuating circumstance.
- Schedule changes may result in a credit being issued to your dancer’s account. Credits must be redeemed within 1 year and can be applied to tuition fees, costume fees, or team related fees or expenses.
- An account credit may be issued if a class must be canceled due to low enrollment. Dancing For Joy reserves the right to change the schedule or cancel a class at any time.
- Any personalized items purchased through the DFJ Shop are nonrefundable unless there is a manufacturing defect. Most personalized items are purchased through our online storefront - please contact them directly with any issues. The site is located at:
- Requests for refunds must be sent via email to All refunds will be credited to the dancer's account and must be redeemed within one year of issuance.

D) Recital Participation & Costume Fees:
- Recital fees are $50 per program, per dancer and include a photography package.
- Costumes are $85 per class, per dancer unless otherwise specified. If a costume(s) needs to be returned, there is a return fee of $10 after the costume(s) have been ordered.
- Joy Company Team members, please refer to the provided handbook for costume information.
- Costumes will not be given to dancers until the costume fee has been paid in full and parent has signed showing it has been received.
- Costumes are required to participate in the Spring Program.
- Dancer's account balances must be at $0 in order to participate in any recitals or events.

E) Attendance:
- Dancing For Joy mirrors the public-school schedule in terms of most holidays, major events, and breaks. However, please monitor our website at for exact dates of closures.
- Tuition fees will not be prorated to account for absences, unless in extreme cases of illness or injury. Dancing For Joy will look at these on a case-by-case basis when a doctor’s note is provided.
- Make-up classes are offered for missed classes but must be scheduled within 3 weeks of the dancer’s absence. Make-up classes are scheduled by emailing us at Note there are no makeup classes after November 1st, 2023 for the Fall Semester or March 23rd, 2024 for the Spring Semester, as classes are finalizing choreography at this time.
- We do not allow make-up classes after November 1st in the Fall Season or after March 23rd in the Spring Season.

F) Canceled Classes:
- Dancing For Joy does not offer refunds or additional classes for dance classes canceled due to acts of God (hurricanes, tornadoes, pandemic, blackouts, etc).
- While Dancing for Joy typically follows Hillsborough County School District’s recommendations/decisions, we reserve the right to close the studio at any time based on the owner’s assessment of safety for our dancers.
- Please be sure to follow Dancing For Joy on social media for updates – emails and text messages will also be sent when possible.

G) Dress Code:
- Dancing For Joy has a dress code for each dancer by level and genre of dance.
- Please see our website at for details.
- Dancers not in dress code may be asked to leave class to change or be charged for appropriate dance wear that will be charged to the dancer’s account.

H) Private Lessons:
- Private lesson tuition fees are due the day of service with a 7-day grace period. A $10 late fee will apply to any lessons not paid within the grace period.
- Private lessons will be canceled if the balance on the dancer’s account is higher than $0 owed. Dancers with private lessons must maintain a paid in full account in order for private lessons to occur.
- Cancelling private lessons: If there is a circumstance that keeps you from making your session, please cancel your appointment via the parent portal 24- hours prior to your session. Any sessions that are not canceled prior to the 24-hour timeframe are not refunded or made up by the instructor.

I) Joy Company Competitive Team Specifics:
- All Joy Company dancers are required to read through the Joy Company Handbook in its entirety. Participation on a Joy Company Team indicates that you accept and agree to the terms outlined in the Joy Company Handbook.
- All fees must be paid on competitive dancer's accounts at all times. Failure to keep your account up to date automatically relinquishes your ability to participate in team competitions and/or functions of any kind. Dancer's with overdue accounts may be removed from their competitive team at Dancing For Joy's discretion.

J) Withdrawing Your Dancer(s):
- Please notify us via to withdraw your dancer. We ask that you notify us by the 20th of the month to not be charged the next month's tuition fees.
- Tuition fees are non-refundable if dancer(s) is not withdrawn properly, unless a doctor's note or special approved circumstance is noted.
- Any refunds will be credited to dancer(s) account and are good for one year after issuance.

K) Agreement Terms:
- By enrolling and having your dancer attend any dance classes at Dancing For Joy, you are indicating that you have read and agree to all terms and conditions of enrollment.
- All Dancing For Joy families must follow the same payment policies and guidelines in order for us to provide a fair and united studio. We appreciate your help in abiding by all policies and waivers.

Parental Agreement:

By electronically signing this form, I agree that:

* I have read the policies above and agree that I will pay my tuition fees on time, will not receive prorated tuition fees, and will not receive tuition refunds within the parameters set forth.

* I understand that breaking my financial agreement will result in the removal of my dancer from classes and/or recital performances.

* I will provide a doctor’s note when needed as specified above.

* I will schedule make-up classes within 3 weeks of the absence within the date range specified. I also understand that that not all absences are eligible for make-up classes.

* I will ensure that my dancer(s) adheres to the dress code at all times when on Dancing For Joy property and agree to pay for items needed the same day.

* I fully understand that Dancing For Joy reserves the right to change policies, tuition fees, or other guidelines at any time.