COVID Protocols

May 16, 2021 04:38 PM

All our staff will be screened before teaching as well as wearing a face mask and face shield with bling of course. We will also be hand sanitizing before, during and after each class
All dancers will also be screened upon arrive by taking their temperature with a non touch digital thermometer. Any dancer with a fever of 100.5 or more will be sent home.
All dancer are required to wear a face mask when they are not in dance class.
All dancer will be hand sanitized before and after class.

Our waiting room will be limited to the amount of parents allowed (for dancers ages 2 to 7). Parents of dancers beyond age 7 we ask that you drop them off.
If you are waiting in our waiting room you are required to wear a mask.
Our waiting room & dressing room will be marked the recommended social distancing.
Our playroom will remain CLOSED.

All of our rooms will be equipped with air diffusers along with our visible air purifiers.

Each class will be cleaned in between classes with CDC recommended cleaning products as well as with our ultraviolet sanitizer light.
All our dance floors will be cleaned with our ProCleaner D-Plus.
We will continue to deep clean our studio after hours.

All of our studios have been marked out to create a floor guide for all our dancers for proper social distancing.

We have created for our dancers their very own “Prop Kit” bag . This kit will provide the dancers with their own bag of props to use each week in class. Please see flyer on this benefit!!
All of our tumbling/acro props will be cleaned down after us.
All of our dance equipment tools will also be cleaned down after use.