Hands On Corrections In Class Waiver

May 22, 2024 04:49 PM

Hands on Corrections in Class Waiver
I am aware that participation in dance/acro classes involve physical activity that can carry the risk of injury. Due to the dangers of this activity, I understand the importance of following the teachers’ instructions regarding training and classroom behavior and agree these instructions will be followed.
In order to provide our students with the safest teaching environment, our Dance and Acro Arts dance program requires hands-on teaching and spotting between our instructors, assistants and our students.
By signing this consent form, you are giving permission for your child to participate in our Dance and Acro Arts Dance program with the understanding that they will be sharing mats with other classmates as well as being in contact with their instructors during their classes when necessary for proper teaching purposes.
I agree to not hold Coastal Dance Academy, Inc liable for injuries sustained by me or my child during Coastal Dance Academy, Inc. activities. I realize that in the proper instruction in dance and acro, that hands on correction may be used for the proper alignment and safety of the student and agree to its use.