Studio Policies

May 24, 2024 09:08 PM

Coastal Dance Academy, Inc. Studio Policies
❏ A signed studio policies form, photo release, and signed waivers must accompany your registration form to ensure your spot in our dance program. If you have checked the boxes in your portal during registration, you are agreeing to all policies and waivers.
❏ The instructor has the final say in what class(es) your child is placed in. The first month of classes is a good time to decide if your child is where they need to be. We can always move them to a more appropriate level whether they are having trouble in their class or they need a greater challenge.
❏ Coastal Dance Academy, Inc. does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all CDA students be covered by their own family insurance. If injury occurs, it is understood that the student's policy is the only source of reimbursement.
❏ Students MUST ARRIVE ALREADY DRESSED FOR CLASS Leotards, tights and appropriate dance shoes are required for all classes. Boys can wear a t-shirt and black dance pants. No baggy clothing, street clothes, or street shoes are to be worn during class. Specific colors of shoes for specific classes are required. (See Dress Code Form) Hair needs to be pulled up and away from the face, buns for ballet classes. No jewelry. We enforce our dress code to ensure the safety of our students. Failure to follow this dress code may result in your child being unable to participate in their class.
❏ ONLY dance shoes will be allowed in our dance rooms! All street shoes, and dance bags will be stored in cubbies in our lobby area. Please label all dance shoes and water bottles with your child’s name. Coastal Dance Academy, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
❏ Students should try to arrive at least 5 minutes early dressed in their proper dance attire with their hair pulled back and ready to dance. Make sure they have used the restroom prior to arriving if possible. Please call 833-8308 if your child is going to be absent and leave us a message. We do not always see emails. We worry when they miss. Please wait in your car, or outside. Instructors will allow students in one at a time.
❏ Sanitizer will be in all dance rooms when needed as well as at the front entrance.
❏ Any students, siblings or parents that have been around anyone showing any symptoms of illness should NOT come to the studio. Please review our illness policy.
❏ Any student showing ANY signs of illness while in classes will be sent home immediately.
❏ To continue to keep our lobby area less congested, Parents will NOT be allowed into the building unless there is an emergency. A teacher will greet students at the door and take them to class. Parents can come in to drop off payments, get help at the front desk, buy CDA merchandise etc.
❏ Please make sure your child is with their instructor before leaving the parking lot. At the end of class, students must remain inside until their ride arrives. A teacher will stand outside/at the door and call students to the door one by one. Parents, If you can have a sign with your child’s name and stand by your car or on the porch/sidewalk area, that would be extremely helpful for pick up! If you are not in one of the first parking spots you will need to get out of your car and stand on the sidewalk. No child will be allowed to wait outside the studio area or walk out into the parking lot without a teacher, parent or guardian.
❏ Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. If this occurs repeatedly, parents will be contacted and if it continues, your child will be sent out of class.
❏ We do not allow parents to observe classes because it tends to distract and hinder the learning process. After you bring/drop off your child please wait in your car or leave and come back. Please be on time when picking up your child. Classes have 5 min breaks between them to allow time for dismissal and proper cleaning/disinfecting to be done between classes. By being on time with drop off and pick up you can help with this process.
❏ We are a smoke free/alcohol free environment. Anyone caught on the premises smoking or consuming alcohol will be asked to leave.
❏ No eating or chewing gum in the studio. Students can bring only water into class. Our water fountains are closed, we only offer 1 water bottle filling station. Please make sure your child has a spill proof water bottle with their name on it. NO OUTSIDE FOOD may be brought inside.
❏ The studio does not permit the use of our studio name or logo in creating merchandise (ie. bags, apparel, gifts) by vinyl/cricket or custom designed items for personal use or group distribution. Attempting to create or sell items with our studio name or logo is considered trademark infringement.
❏ Payments can be made via your parent portal with a credit card, cash or checks at the studio. We do not accept credit cards at the dance studio. There will be a returned check fee of $25 charged to your account for any returned checks.·No student will be allowed to participate in regular, private, or company classes if their account is more than 30 days past due. A $10 late fee is charged to your account if your tuition is not paid by the 14th of each month. No student will be allowed to perform in the dance recital or other dance performances/competitions etc. unless their entire account is current. Any money received from delinquent accounts, will first be applied to the past due tuition balances.
❏ A valid credit card must be placed on file upon registering for classes. I understand I can enroll in autopay via my parent portal. I hereby give permission for Coastal Dance Academy, Inc. to charge my credit card on file for my current account balance that is due in full and any late fees that may apply if my account is not paid in full prior to the 15th of each month. I also understand there is a 3.3% convenience fee for all credit card charges. I understand if I enroll in autopay that my credit card will be charged for only my tuition fees for the 1st of each month. Any other fees that need to be paid such as costume fees etc. will not automatically be taken out and must be paid by the cardholder via their online portal.
❏ A 30 day notice is required if your child is wanting to withdraw from our dance program.
Important COVID-19 Statement- Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19- In the situation that we are required to close down for any reason due to COVID-19, we will continue to provide ONLINE class instruction via ZOOM. Tuition will remain the same during these times. If your child wants to withdraw from our program both in person or online at any time, our 30 day withdrawal policy is still required and you are responsible for your tuition until the 30 days from the date of your signed withdrawal form. If your child decides to quit his or her dance class at any time we require a 30 day written and signed notice. Only a CDA withdrawal form located at the front desk or provided by a CDA instructor will be accepted. Even if your child does not show up for classes for a month, you are still responsible for tuition. You are responsible for tuition and any late fees until 30 days from the date of your signed withdrawal form. No refunds will be given on tuition, recital costumes etc. NO EXCEPTIONS
❏ Dismissal Policy- The studio reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:
Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees
Not observing the rules of the studio
Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children, by a parent or child
*No refunds will be issued in the instance of dismissal. ​*
❏ Tuition is divided into 9 equal payments. Whether we have a short month (3 weeks or a long month 5 weeks) Tuition remains the same. There are NO REFUNDS FOR MISSED CLASSES or Zoom classes.
I have read the studio policies of Coastal Dance Academy, Inc., received a copy, and agree to comply with them
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Parent/Guardian Signature: __________ _____________________ Date: ___________________