Waiver of Liability

May 29, 2024 02:49 AM

Injury and Property Loss Waiver. In consideration of my child/children’s participation, I hereby release and covenant not to sue All That & Jazz! and Tumble Time, its owners, officers and any of its employees, teachers, volunteers, coaches or agents from any and all present and future claims resulting from ordinary negligence of All That & Jazz! and Tumble Time, or others listed for property damage, personal injury or wrongful death, arising as a result of my engaging in or my child engaging in or receiving instruction in gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, jump rope, dance or any other activities and any activities thereto, wherever, whenever or however the same may occur. I hereby voluntarily waive any and all claims resulting from ordinary negligence, both present and future, that may be made by me, my family, estate, heirs or assigns.

Further, I am aware that dancing, tumbling, jump rope, gymnastics and cheerleading are vigorous sporting activities involving movement, height and rotation in a unique environment and as such they pose a risk of injury. I understand that dancing, tumbling, jump rope, gymnastics, cheerleading and related activities always involve certain risks and serious injury to the body. I understand that the equipment, mats, pits and other safety equipment and apparatus provided for my protection, including the active participation of a coach or teacher who will spot or assist in the performance of certain skills may be inadequate to prevent serious injury. The risk of harm may be limited by all of the safety equipment and trained coaches, but never eliminated. I understand that participation in dance, gymnastics involves activities incidental to active participation in gymnastics, including moving from event to event, conditioning, stretching and other activities which may leave me or my child vulnerable to the reckless actions of other participants who may not have complete control over their actions or knowledge of the risks involved and hereby agree to accept any and all inherent risks of property damage and personal injury to myself or my child/children.

I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless All That & Jazz! and Tumble Time and all others listed in the first waiver paragraph for any and all claims arising as a result of my or my child/children’s engaging in or receiving instruction in All That & Jazz! and Tumble Time activities or any activities incidental thereto, whenever, wherever or however the same may occur. I understand that this waiver is intended to be a broad and as inclusive as permitted by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and agree that if any portion is held invalid, the remainder of the waiver will continue in full legal force and effect. I further agree that the venue for any legal proceedings shall be within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Medical Attention. I give All That & Jazz! and Tumble Time permission to apply first aid treatment for any injury sustained during participation for my child until the parent/guardian can be contacted. In case the parent/guardian cannot be reached, I give consent for All That & Jazz! and Tumble Time staff to use their own judgment in securing medical aid, ambulance service, and if necessary hospital admittance, when needed, as a result of injury during participation.

Media Release. I give All That & Jazz! and Tumble Time permission to use any photos or videos taken during events, expos, parties, camps or gym by All That & Jazz! and Tumble Time for advertising and media release. I affirm that I am of legal age and am freely acknowledging this agreement.