2018 Policy Form

Jan 20, 2021 11:23 AM

PDC Payment and Fee Policies:
• Financial Enrollment/Registration Fee: An annual non-refundable registration fee for new families; $30.00 is charged for the first student and $10 for each additional student in the same family ($40 per family). Returning families: $25.00 ($35 per family)
Tuition: Tuition is due by the 5th of each month. Tuition rate is not prorated for holidays or missed classes. There will be no credits, refunds or transfers for missed lessons. (See “Attendance” below for class make-up information.).

We DO NOT invoice unless an account is to be paid after the 5th of the month at the full tuition rate or becomes delinquent.

o 3 Tuition Rate Options:
1. Autopay Discount(Given when credit card information is held on file) - 7%
2. Payment before the 5th of the month – 4%
3. After 5th full tuition price

• Delinquent Accounts: An initial late fee charge of $10.00 will be added for all tuition paid after the 5th of the month.
• Collections: All account balances unpaid for a period of 90 days/three months will be sent to collections. PARENT INITIAL:_____
• Add Policy: If a student adds a class during a 4-week session without prior notice, a drop-in rate will be charged until an add form has been signed and additional class tuition has been paid in full. All added classes will be at the 1hr month –to –month hourly rate until the new billing cycle.
• Drop Policy: Once a student is enrolled, we continue to hold a place for your child in the class until a drop form is signed by a parent as well as teacher and turned into the office. Front Desk must be notified by the 15th of the month as you will be responsible for payment of the next 4-week session tuition until formal notification is given.
o A $10 re-registration fee will be charged for students who drop a class without 2-week notification prior to next billing cycle and then choose to re-enroll in the same class within the 2018-2019 school year.
o Students who participate in 2 hrs + of classes a week & drop class during a session will not receive a credit for that dropped class & will only have their hourly rate adjusted in the next billing cycle.
• Transfer Policy: All transfers must be approved by both the teacher of the class the student is transferring into as well as out of before the transfer is approved. All transfers will take at least 1-week for approval and the student must wait for approval prior to transferring into the new class.
• Returned Checks/Declined Autopay Credit Card: If your check is returned from your bank for any reason or your autopay credit card is decline, you will be charged a $25 processing fee.
• Refunds: NO REFUNDS.
• Private Lessons: Private lessons are to be paid in full at time of private. If you schedule a private lesson and fail to attend, are late or fail to notify the instructor at least three hours prior to your scheduled time, you will be charged the hourly rate with no exception. A discount of $5 will be given to all privates paid prior to end of lesson.
• Costumes: Each student participating in the recital will be charged a costume fee of $75 + tax per class.
PDC Classroom and Attendance Policies:
• Class Placement: Placement is determined by the instructors and is based on ability and certain age restrictions. Because of recital requirements, all class placements must be finalized by March 1st.
• Arrival Times: Dancers should arrive in full dance attire 10 minutes prior to their scheduled class time. Missing “warm-ups” due to tardiness may cause injury and is disruptive to the class.
• Attendance & Make-up Classes: Attending class on a regular basis ensures progress for all students. We would appreciate a telephone call if you or your children are unable to attend class. Students can make-up classes within the session of the missed class. Missed classes must be made up by the student that misses the class and cannot be used by friends, family, etc. Makeup class should be same type of class that is missed, (unless the class is not offered at another time). For instance, if a ballet class is missed, student must make-up a ballet class. If class is not made-up within the session, the make-up class opportunity does not roll over into the next week unless the missed class falls within the last week of the session and there is no available class to makeup in within that last week.
• Extended Absence: To hold a student’s spot in a class for 4-weeks of absences or more, a payment in full for the next attending session tuition can be made prior to the student’s extended absence.
• Cancelled classes: If Premiere Dance Center cancels class, it will be rescheduled. Closures due to snow or weather will correspond with Bellevue School District closures, so please check radio/TV for school closures.
• Hair: All dancers must have their hair pulled back, away from the face and off the neck. Ballet students must have hair in a ballerina bun. A bun or ponytail is okay for all other disciplines.
• Attire: Ask at front desk for dress codes for different styles of dance. (Large jewelry and watches are not allowed, especially long earrings due to potential danger.)

• Recital: Each year Premiere Dance Center holds a recital. Participation is not mandatory, but is encouraged, as dance is a performing art. Note that students performing in the recital will be required to buy a costume for class. Adults or parents of students choosing not to perform in the recital must notify the office by March 1st. If a student pays associated costs of recital including costume, tickets or DVD’s, and decides they no longer want to or cannot participate, there will not be any credits or refunds given for these costs.

PDC Studio Rental Policies
• Standard Studio Rental Rate: The standard studio rental rate for non-Premiere Dance Center students is $35 per hour per studio. There are no refunds on hourly rental fees
• Premiere Dance Center Event Rental Fee: $125 - Includes use of the 20 black chairs, 6 large banquet tables, the use of the kitchen space, fridge, and microwave. Additional fee for any other specific items you request. Will be collected 7 days before event date & is non-refundable.
o Event Rental Cleaning Deposit: $250 - A refundable deposit of $250 (in the form of a check or card on file) will be held for all event rentals as a cleaning fee. Of that $50 will be NON-REFUNDABLE
• Premiere Dance Center Student Studio Rental: Students 18 and under, who are currently enrolled in classes at Premiere Dance Center, and wish to use the studio space for rehearsal, can rent the studio at a discounted rate of $20 per hour.
o Premiere Dance Center Students who have paid choreography fees: Students 18 and under who have paid a choreography fee to a Premiere Dance Center teacher/choreographer, must pay the studio rental fee of $20 per hour, for the duration of time that is included in the fee paid to the choreographer/teacher.
• Premiere Dance Center Competition Team Member Studio Rental: Premiere Dance Center Competition team members have the privilege of using the studio space at no cost when space is available.
o Premiere Dance Center Competition Team Members who have paid choreography fees: Students 18 and under who have paid a choreography fee to a Premiere Dance Center teacher/choreographer will have the studio rental fee waived for the duration of time that is included in the fee paid to the choreographer/teacher.
PDC Discount Policies:
• Family Discount: Families of two or more dancers (between the ages of 22 months – 17 years) registering during the same 4-week session will receive 2.5% off the 2nd dancer’s tuition & 1.5% off 3rd dancer’s tuition. The 2nd & 3rd dancer will always be the student with the least amount of tuition hours. Each dancer’s tuition must be paid in full together at the beginning of each session. PDC families of two or more dancers will lose their family discount at any point during the 2018-2019 school year if they do not have two or more dancer’s registered at a time. Family Discounts are applicable to Fall-Summer dance class tuition only.
• Prime Card Discount: PDC families in possession of a Microsoft Prime Card (with dancers between the ages of 22 months – 17 years) can receive up to 2.5% off tuition. Prime Cards must be presented to Front Desk at time of registration in order to receive discount. Customers in possession of a Prime Card who do not present their Prime Card at time of (initial) registration will not receive a discount and are not entitled to a credit from previous tuition paid in full. Prime Card Discounts are applicable to Fall-Summer dance class tuition only.
• Yearly Discount: Customers who register and pay for one full year of tuition (9 full months of classes –September 4th, 2018 through June 17, 2019) will receive 10% off tuition. Deadline for 10% yearly discount: September 15, 2018.
o Rules and Restrictions:
 Once yearly tuition has been paid for the full year of tuition (9 full months of classes – September 4th, 2018 through June 17, 2019) a student can transfer from one class to another class, but if a class is dropped, no credit will be given for the dropped class. EXCEPTIONS:
• Medical Termination - If the student must stop dancing for medical reasons, you must submit in writing, from a parent/guardian and the medical doctor, the nature of the medical condition. Credit will be given upon review of medical submission.
• PDC Cancellation Of Class – If Premiere Dance Center cancels a class that is has been paid in full, a credit for the remainder of the classes will be added to the student’s account.
 If a class is added after the yearly tuition has been paid in full (after September 15th 2018), the yearly discount will not be applied to any added class tuition. All added classes will be at the month –to –month hourly rate.
• Multiple Discounts – Rules and Restrictions:
No tuition discounts can be combined at any time.