2023 Terms, Conditions and Policies

May 29, 2023 02:34 PM

I, the parent/ guardian, agree to the following terms, conditions and policies:

Health and Safety:
I, the parent/ guardian, acknowledge that participation in dance is potentially dangerous and there is an inherent risk of injury involved. I understand by allowing my child to participate in Chandler Dance Academy activities, I hereby assume all the risks associated with the performing arts. I understand the importance of myself and my student/s following the instructions and rules set by their teacher/s and I agree to release Chandler Dance Academy and it's staff of any and all liability which may arise as a result of my child's participation in activities at Chandler Dance Academy.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that Chandler Dance Academy and the venues they hire are unable to take responsibility or care for students before, after or between their scheduled Chandler Dance Academy classes. As a parent/ guardian I accept responsibility for my student/s before and after classes, ensuring they are dropped off and picked up on time to each class.

Photos and Videos
I, the parent/ guardian, give permission for Chandler Dance Academy to use video footage and/ or photographs of my child/ren. I agree that these images and videos may be used without further notification. I do understand that any identifying information including surname and location will not be used in conjunction with any video or digital images. The photographs may be used for publishing on Chandler Dance Academy social media accounts, the website, on print materials (not limited to those stated). Videos taken could be uploaded onto their class Band group and potentially on social media.

I, the parent/ guardian agree there is to be no videoing of regular scheduled classes, watch week classes, additional exam classes, show rehearsals or private lessons by parents, caregivers or family members. If a staff member sees you videoing a class you will be charged $500 for the privilege and breaking of our privacy policies. Teachers may video aspects of the class for practicing purposes, staff discussion and/ or training other teachers.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand choreography, costuming and studio policies remain the intellectual property of Chandler Dance Academy and may not be reproduced or sold by any students, parents or staff without the permission of the principal.

I, the parent/ guardian, agree to the following Payment terms:

Fees are GST inclusive

Fees are payable by Credit Card (online) and Internet Banking.

Early Bird Payments are to be received in total within one week of statements being charged. On Time rates are to be received no later than the first day of term. Late Payment is when payment is received after the first day of term. If fees have not been received by the office before the end of term, further action may be taken.

Fees are charged at a per-term basis (whether 8, 9, 10 or 11 weeks long, apart from term 4). Your invoice for class fees will be the same for each term unless you change classes.

Mid-term enrolments are charged pro-rata.

Payment by credit Card/ debit Card is encouraged and there is no convenience fee. If you are unable to pay the entire amount before term commences, the best way to avoid punitive charges is to sign up for Auto-Pay before the commencement of the current term.

Early Bird rate is for the benefit of students already enrolled who have paid within a week of being charged. Students who enrol part way through term are invoiced at the On Time amount and will be eligible for the Early Bird payment for the following term. Students who have enrolled part way through the term will be invoiced at the pro-rata amount.

$25 will be charged to your account every time a statement and/or reminder email is sent in an attempt to follow up or retrieve outstanding tuition and fees after the Late Fee has been charged. This charge will not be applied more than twice per calendar month.

If term fees are not paid before the end of the term, your dancer will not be able to participate in the next term until all payments have been received.

Term 3 and Term 4 are considered “one term” in regards to the programming within the academy. Enrolment status and class registrations are for Term 3 and Term 4 due to show preparations and forecasting. There are no discounts for withdrawing part way through Term 3 or Term 4. Amendments to your enrolment status may occur before the start of Term 3 or at the end of Term 4 in preparation for the following year. Your commitment for the later part of the year is for Term 3 and Term 4 combined. Fees will continue to be charged term by term.

Concert costume costs are charged alongside Term 3 fees and are non-refundable and non-transferable. The cost is $50 per costume/ per dance for hired costumes.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that Auto-Pay enables you to spread the cost of a term’s lessons by splitting the cost over three payments across three months: 40% before the commencement of that term (date announced by Chandler Dance Academy), 30% first Monday of the following month and 30% the first Monday of the following month.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that Auto-Pay clients are reminded charges are about to be made before each withdrawal.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand Auto-Pay clients are charged at the On Time tuition rate.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand Auto- Pay accounts will be charged a $25 fee if payments are defaulted more than once per term to contribute to the ongoing cost in follow up and retrieving outstanding tuition.

Missed Classes:
I, the parent/ guardian, understand no refunds are given for missed classes or the decision to discontinue for the remainder of a term after week 3 of that term.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that if my student cannot attend their scheduled class for the week and there is more than one lesson per week for that level of class you may attend ONE “make up” lesson upon confirmation from the office, once per term. Any alternative “make up” lessons will be charged at the on time rate of a single class.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that if my student becomes injured or ill and is no longer able to participate in classes for the remainder of term there are no refunds given. Upon receipt of a doctors certificate Chandler Dance Academy may be able to offer a partial credit to your next term (at the discretion of cDa).

I, the parent/ guardian, understand all regular classes observe statutory holidays (with the exception of Labour Day for show preparation). If a student’s class falls on a Statutory holiday there will be no amendment to invoicing unless this works out to be more than two lessons during the term.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand Chandler Dance Academy is unable to accommodate make-up sessions for students who miss classes. Chandler Dance Academy will make every endeavour to schedule a catch-up class in the unlikely event that Chandler Dance Academy needs to cancel, postpone or reschedule a lesson.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that Chandler Dance Academy reserves the right to change teachers or timetable when necessary at any time throughout the year.

Registration/ Administration Fees:
I, the parent/ guardian, understand and agree to immediately pay the $27 registration fee for new students to be paid upon new student enrolment to secure a place in class. This is a non-refundable amount.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand and agree to pay a $22 annual administration fee per student to be paid with Term 1 fees. This is a non-refundable amount. New students will only pay the new registration fee of $25, not the annual administration fee for the first calendar year.

Enrolments/ Unenrolments:
I, the parent/ guardian, understand one Introductory class is offered to each student for each dance style available to them. It is then the responsibility of me (parent/ guardian) to enrol my student for the remainder of term.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand as the parent/ guardian I must email the office at office@chandlerdanceacademy.co.nz to advise any unenrolment prior to week 3 of the term. The decision to discontinue for a term before week 3 will result in a refund (minus the 25% administration fee and amount of weeks enrolled for).

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that dropping out of a class may be done so at the end of Terms 1, 2 or 4, this can be done by going onto your parent portal and withdrawing from the next term.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand the enrolment status of my student remains active (automatically rollover between terms). Enrolment status remains between terms of the current year AND between Term 4 and Term 1 the following year. It is through Opt-out that you can remove yourself from your current classes should you no longer wish to continue your dancing journey with Chandler Dance Academy. To change enrolment status, I must unenrol via the Parent Portal.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that absence from the first three classes of term with no prior communication with the office will result in unenrollment from the class/es.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand that unenrollment from class/es after term fees have been charged, and before term commences, incurs a charge of 25% of current term fees to cover the cost of class place reservation and administration costs.

Holding Your Information:
I, the parent/ guardian, understand the information collected from me includes my student/s name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses and medical information (including vaccination status as required by the government). I understand it may also include details of the classes provided as well as the status of enrolment, history of communication (email and text message) and monies paid/ owing. I understand Chandler Dance Academy only collects information directly from students or their parent/ caregiver/s primarily for the purpose of providing Chandler Dance Academy programmes and to administer and manage invoicing.

I, the parent/ guardian, understand Chandler Dance Academy will never sell or pass on any student or parent/ guardian information to third parties unless required by government authorities or in the event of debt recovery. I understand that any information passed on will be done so with appropriate privacy and confidentiality protection.

I, the parent/ guardian understand information is stored securely in paper and electronic form and is accessible only by authorised personnel.

Government Requirements:
I, the parent/ guardian, understand that if in-studio classes are unable to happen due to Covid-19 or other restrictions imposed by the NZ government, all classes will be immediately switched to our online
platforms; Zoom and BAND and that the in-studio timetable will remain extremely similar online and no term fees will be credited or refunded due to a change in government requirements.

Code of Conduct:
I, the parent/ guardian have read and understood the following Code of Conduct:

Teachers are completely focused on the class they are teaching and students they are working with so they are unable to take responsibility for students before or after their scheduled classes.

It is the responsibility of the parent/ caregiver to ensure their child is picked up and dropped off on time and that your child is supervised until their starting time. In the case of an emergency or unavoidable
delay, please text Caron on 027 723 2232 to inform us of the situation so we can keep your child safe and in the studio until they can be collected.

We want Chandler Dance Academy to be a positive learning environment for all families involved (we are sure you do too) so we ask that students, parents and siblings be mindful of others at the studios. The teachers at Chandler Dance Academy will in no way tolerate bullying of any kind.

Chandler Dance Academy takes no responsibility for any stolen or misplaced property at the studio and we encourage you to avoid bringing valuable items to the studio where possible. We do, however, love to return found goods such as school uniforms, ballet shoes etc, so please name everything that you bring to
the studio.

If you do misplace something at the studio please do not ask the office to contact the entire class. Instead, please mention it to the teacher of the class and they will show you the lost property box and they can also ask the class to check their dance bags.

We want to give your children the best learning environment so we ask that no classes (including private lessons) or teachers are to be disturbed unless it is an emergency.

Students, Families, Friends and cDa teachers and staff are expected to uphold the values of Chandler Dance Academy in all their interactions with and at cDa. This includes; feeling valued, being inspired, gaining confidence, exerting elegance and feeling safe in your space.

Best said in the manifesto:
Chandler Dance Academy was established to give students and parents the experience they deserve, in, out and around the studio.

We believe each student is special and is entitled to feel confident inside the safe walls of the studio, where their peers are their friends.

We inspire students to aim for more and support them towards their goals through structured classes and additional support.

Our aim is to create incredibly versatile dancers who have an impeccable work ethic and an elegant and engaging demeanour (in studio and on the stage)