Studio Policies 2022-2023

Aug 19, 2022 07:21 PM


_________The school term consists of 38 (or more) meeting times. Tuition for instruction is divided into ten equal payments. Although we are closed for Christmas Holidays & for Spring Break Holidays, these payments are for 1/10th of the scheduled 38 meeting times. All students are required to sign up for Autopay for tuition each month.

• Monthly payments are non- refundable.

• Monthly payments are required to be drafted by Autopay on the FIRST of each month, All other fees including costumes and performance fees will not be drawn. It is your responsibility to make these payments either in the office or through your Parent Portal on the required date due.

• A $25.00 late FEE will be charged to all costume, Nutcracker and Recital fees not paid by the due date. Late fees are NON -NEGOTIABLE

• There will be a $30.00 charge for all returned checks or declined Auto-Payments.

_________ If your child participates in The Nutcracker, you will be charged a one-time Nutcracker Fee of $75 (Primary 1-Advanced 2) or $95 (Advanced 3 and 4) due October 1st.

_________A $75.00 deposit per costume is required and is payable November 1st. The actual cost of the costume (minus the $75.00 Costume deposit) and the Recital Fee are due March 1st. Once costumes are ordered they cannot be cancelled!

________A $75 recital fee is required for participation and due March 1st. Our annual Student Recital will be presented in May. The objective of the recital is to educate, motivate, and provide the student with both stage experience and the opportunity to display their achievements. You will receive 5 tickets to the recital for your family.

The most important way to stay connected to information throughout our year will be through your email. Our student database will allow group reminder emails. May sure you’ve notated your email on your registration form. Enter our email into your contacts so the emails will not go to spam.


________To take full advantage of the instruction offered, prompt and regular attendance is necessary & is one way to assure your child’s progress. Make up classes for those missed due to illness are available and encouraged. Arrangements should be made with the instructor. No refunds or reductions are made for missed classes. Excessive absences from weekly classes may require that a student be transferred to a lower level. Private lessons, which are of additional cost, may be needed to catch the student up. This is by the determination of each individual teacher. In extreme cases of absenteeism, a student may be asked to not participate in the recital.

_______If a student wishes to drop or add a class, the School must be notified in writing. Drop/Add Forms are available at the office and on our website. Students are liable for payment as long as their names are on the class roll. If you drop within the month, you will still be charged for the current month of instruction whether you attend class or not.

________Written parental excuses are requested, if a student is: to arrive late to, or leave early from class. The office should be notified if a student misses a class. Parents will be notified if a student is continually late or is disruptive during class. Please follow the dress code and the requirements on hair per level. If any teacher sees any disruption to the policies, the student may be asked to leave class.
• Food. drink and chewing gum are not allowed in • Be sure to get a written receipt for all cash payments.

• Dressing Rooms: Dressing rooms should be used for changing before and after class. Personal belongings should not be left in dressing rooms but carried with you to the dance studios.
• Bathrooms: Female Students should use the bathroom adjacent to the dressing rooms. Please reserve the bathroom off the main hall for parents, visitors, and males.
• Non-Students: Must be supervised by an adult.
• Parking: Please park in the lined space leaving the area directly in front of the studio clear for “dropping off” and “picking up.”
• Class Observations: Parents may be able to visit one class during the months of November and May. This date will be set by the director if time allows.


1. Communication is key-
Please make sure you have listed a good email to keep you updated on all school news and announcements.
2. We require using Auto Pay through our Parent Portal- Once your child is entered into our system you will be sent access to your Parent Portal. You will sign up for AutoPay to automatically draw tuition out of your checking account on the 1st of each month. No more forgetting to pay tuition!
3. Being Late for class or missing a class-
We understand that being late is sometimes unavoidable. A note from the parent is requested to be submitted to the instructor. Please wait until there is break in the music before entering the classroom. We will call any parent if two or more absences occur to check on a student. Especially for those students that drive!
4. Valuables should not be left in the Dressing Rooms!
Lost and Found Items will be placed in the LOST AND FOUND box in the dressing room. Please label all shoes with your child’s name.
5. All Students should wear street clothes over dancewear and street shoes when arriving or leaving Dance Arts.
Dance shoes should be only worn inside the building, but not outside. Dirt and grease are very harmful to the dance floors. Please change into appropriate dance shoes in the dressing rooms before entering class.
6. All Students must follow the dress code for their proper classroom attire.
Heavy jewelry restricts the student’s ability to perform to their maximum in class and should be left at home. Dancewear can be purchased at our Open House Fittings or online at Discount Dance Supply. Please refer to the class level sheet for supply into. Especially for shoe color! No t-shirts or sweatshirts are to be worn over the leotards during class.
• Accessories that are acceptable-
• Skirts of chiffon or a comparable material, made for dance are acceptable and recommended for all ballet classes. Dance shorts and cover up pants are allowed for higher-level classes only.
• Dance Bags are a necessity. You may store shoes, extra leotards, hair pins, spray, brush, etc.
7. Appropriate Hair-
Hair must be pulled back away from the face and secured neatly in a braid or bun. Hairnets are recommended for better control. Hair will be required to be worn in a bun for all Advanced classes.
8. We reserve the right to dismiss any student whose attitude, attendance, conduct or payment record is unsatisfactory