Child Safe & Privacy Policy

Apr 18, 2024 12:57 PM

All children who come to Riga Victoria Dance Academy have a right to feel and be valued and safe. We are committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people accessing our services and their welfare will always be our first priority. This extends to children of all cultural backgrounds, including but not limited to those of Aboriginal children and those with disabilities.
Our organisation has a zero tolerance of child abuse. Child protection is everyone’s responsibility and child abuse can be a criminal offence and reportable. There is a legal responsibility for all adults who believe on reasonable grounds that a “child has suffered, or is likely to suffer, significant harm as a result of physical injury or sexual abuse, and the child’s parents have not protected or unlikely to protect, the child from harm of that type” ( to make a report as soon as practicable to Department of Human Services Child Protection Crisis Line 13 12 78 or call 000 if it is life threatening. In the event that there is a suspected case of child abuse, staff must follow the reporting recommendations to Human Services or the Police as outlined above and notify the director of the school immediately. Staff will then be required to fill in an Incidence Report and will be given support from the Director in any follow up by the organisations and interactions with the families or children. If a parent, student or member or the RVDA community has any concerns they may discuss it with the child safety officer who is the school’s Director. Our Child Safe Policy is in collaboration with Child Protection Services and complies with our obligations under the Children’s Protection Act.
All staff must hold a Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) membership or have Working with Children’s Check (WWCC) before they commence teaching. All parents who volunteer for official productions or events as specified by the Director must also have a current VIT membership or WWCC.

We collect personal information of members, employees and people we do business with to conduct Riga Victoria Dance Academy, such as student names, addresses, contact details etc.
We will only disclose personal information if we are under a legal requirement to do so by law or if an authorised request is made from a law enforcement agency. Otherwise, we will only disclose personal information with the consent of the relevant individuals. We may provide personal information to the Riga Victoria Dance Academy staff in order for them to contact you when required or in order for them to operate in their job. Of course, all employees are required to keep your personal information confidential.
Privacy laws give you the right to seek access to personal information that we may hold about you. You can seek access by emailing In most instances, information will be provided in the month, however more complicated requests may take longer. We try to ensure that all the personal information we hold about you is up to date. However, we rely on your help to update your information whenever a change occurs via the DSP Portal and a follow up email to
Most information collected on students and of families is stored on the secure portal of DanceStudio Pro.

As required by law you can unsubscribe to our emails via DanceStudio Pro, however this will mean that you will not receive up to date information regarding Riga Victoria Dance Academy which includes information such as changes to classes, performance details, exam deadlines, Covid lockdowns, class cancellations etc.
If you have any queries or concerns about privacy or this Privacy Policy, you can provide a written request or complaint to the Director, Rita Eicens: