Dance Theatre Network Waiver

Dec 06, 2023 03:05 PM

1. I have read and accept the Dance Theatre Network Handbook.

2. I have read and accept "Fees - Terms and Conditions".

3. I will notify DTN Administration if my child has special medical requirements.

4. I will encourage my child to abide by the DTN Student Code of Conduct.

5. I will only park / stand my car in marked bays in the carpark and will encourage everyone who is dropping off OR picking up my child to do the same.

6. While I am waiting for my child, before during and after class, I will remain quiet in the waiting areas and encourage all of my children to do the same.

7. Whilst my child is attending Dance Theatre Network, HE/SHE will not partake in performing arts tuition at any other institution without prior permission from the administration.

8. I am aware that images of my child may be used for promotional purposes. This includes but is not limited to displays within the studio building; in the concert program; on the concert DVD; photo displays; print advertising, social media and on the Dance Theatre Network website. When choosing images of your child for public display, Dance Theatre Network will only use those which are of a sound and respectful nature.