Dance Policies

Jul 15, 2024 07:38 PM

Hi! We are so glad that you made your way to Magnify Dance Company. We are so glad you are here! We believe that dance is for EVERYONE…. That means YOU. We want to help you grow as a dancer while encouraging you in your faith and providing a safe place for you to develop your God- given gifts.

Below we have tried to answer commonly asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question please email us at

You can register for classes RIGHT HERE in our parent portal and manage your account as well. Don’t forget your water bottle!

Hope to see you on the dance floor!

1. Tuition, Fees & Discounts
Magnify is a family-based dance ministry that wants to see dancers develop their skills to bring glory to God. We provide family and multiple class discounts to make dance more accessible.

Registration fee per student $40

Standard Class Tuition Payment Options: 55min Class
55min Class: Tuition ~ 10 Monthly Installments of $65 or Full Tuition of $650

Additional standard class receives a 50% Discount
Class discount for each additional class is – 10 Monthly installments of $32.50 or Full
Tuition of $325.

2nd Sibling Discount (10% off their first class), Additional siblings (30% off their first class).

Costume Fees will be billed with your January Tuition—$65 each class
Recital Fee will be billed with your March Tuition— $125 family

Adult Classes: Fall Semester $165. Due upon registration. Class discounts do not apply. No registration fee.

• All registration fees, Tuition, Recital & Costume Fee's are NON-REFUNDABLE.

• Tuition is an annual commitment and must be paid in full or in 10 monthly installments for
convenience. Tuition commitment is NOT MONTH TO MONTH -- neither is our
commitment to you or our instructors

• Full tuition is due every month regardless of attendance and/or school holidays.

• Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Failure to provide payment by the 5th of the
month will result in a $15 late fee.

• A students absence from class does not waive this late fee.

• Auto payment options are available for your convenience.

• If due to unforeseen circumstances you need to withdraw your student we ask for one
months notice. For instance, if you notify us that you need to withdraw your student on
March 15th, April 1st will be your last tuition payment and your student will be allowed
to take class through April.

• For billing information regarding your account please contact Marion Haverkorn at

2. Attendace
Attendance is VITAL to the success of our students. We realize that conflicts arise but we ask that students try not miss more than two classes per semester. Failure to regularly attend class will cause students to fall behind and teachers will be unable to go back to catch up a student who has a history of being absent or tardy.

We WANT our students to be successful and that requires REGULAR attendance. We begin working on technique in August that will build on itself and allow students to flourish as the year progresses.

Students may make up missed classes. Please contact to
schedule a make up class. Missed classes must be made up within 30 days.

As the year progress attendance becomes even more important. If at all possible students should not after spring break. This is an important time for us to block and clean choreography. It also helps us insure that students remain safe.

Tech week is MANDATORY for the success and SAFETY of our students. Failure to attend rehearsals during tech week may result in removal.

3. Class Attire
Dancers should wear a black dance Leo, tights and appropriate shoes to all classes (L3 and above classes can choose black or pink tights). Dancers may wear tight fitting black shorts or ballet skirt. NO BULKY clothes. It is important that we are able to see dancers knees and arms so that we can correct technique.

A black, light-weight warm up jacket can be worn during warm up if needed. Dance attire can be purchased at local dance stores such as Fancy Dancer (18351 TX-259) or Jazz Rags (25701 I45). All hair should be pinned down in a nice bun and secured to the head. Hair that is not pinned back can result in poor dance technique.

Adults can wear modest comfortable clothes they can move in.

We are so fortunate to partner with wonderful churches that open their doors to us. Please remind your dancer to dress modestly and bring clothes to pull on outside of the classroom. We want to respect the other ministries taking place.

Shoes are VERY important. They are a tool that allow dancers to succeed. Please purchase shoes PRIOR to your first dance class and bring them to EVERY class.

Ballet— Pink Ballet shoes- Full Sole Leather recommend for foot strengthening. Split sole canvas recommended for Intermediate/ Advanced dancer. Black ballet shoes for boys.

Jazz— Jazz shoes- black or nude. Nude jazz shoes will be used for the recital.

Modern- Barefoot or dance Socks

Hip Hop- Black dance sneaker or similar black sneaker

Lyrical- Half sold nude lyrical shoe

Pointe- Pointe shoe upon teachers approval

Tap- Tap shoes— Bloch recommended. Dancers should comfortably be able to tap their toes
and heels while making a clear sound prior to purchase.

Musical Theater— Jazz shoes


Recital Blocking Rehearsals May 23 & 24 *Required

Recital Dress Rehearsal May 26 & 27 *Required

Magnify Dance Recital May 28 *Required