Synergy & Like Angels Choreography Waiver

May 25, 2020 12:29 AM

By signing this form and submitting a competition entry to the "Synergy x Like Angels Tunnel Vision Choreography Competition” my child/ren and I:

1. CONFIRM that we have thoroughly read and understand the competition terms and conditions AND agree to them.

2. ACKNOWLEDGE that the competition audio clip (22 seconds of “Tunnel Vision” by Like Angels) is the original work of Like Angels and is unreleased music.

3. AGREE that we will only use the competition audio clip of “Tunnel Vision” for the purpose of this competition.

We will NOT share any portion of the competition audio or it’s content (lyrics, sound samples, etc.) on instagram, facebook, tiktok or any other social media platform.

We will not send the competition audio clip to any other person (including other Synergy parents or students) by any method including but not limited to email, text and instant message.

4. ACKNOWLEDGE that any breach of the above mentioned terms may be seen as copyright infringement.