Liability classes

May 16, 2021 04:29 PM

Metropolitan Dance Alliance

Metropolitan Dance Alliance is offering classes via video conferencing during the period access to our studio and social interaction in general is limited due to the COVID pandemic. These video conferencing classes/lessons are OPTIONAL. No student should feel that utilizing this option is in any way mandatory. Students who do elect to take classes and/or individual lessons via video conferencing must, however, abide by the following simple, commonsense guidelines:

1. Students must secure and maintain adequate space to receive the class/lesson;

2. The space must be large enough to enable the student to practice the moves and skills presented in the content of the class/lesson;

3. The space must also have adequate clear uncluttered floor space, so that the student can safely practice the moves and skills presented in the class/lesson;

4. The student should not attempt to practice any skills or moves that would normally require “in person” spotting and/or close supervision. When in doubt, the student should inquire with the instructor as to whether the skill or move should be attempted, and should at all times follow the guideline “when in doubt safety comes first, and the move should not be executed”.

5. If students are unable to secure adequate space, they are encouraged to still attend the class but instead take notes in lieu of practicing the skills and moves;

Student, and if applicable, Student’s parent or guardian, by his or her signature below, acknowledges that he or she has read the above guidelines, that he or she understands the guidelines, and agrees to abide by them. Student, and if applicable, Student’s parent or guardian, further acknowledges that there is an inherent risk related to practicing some advanced dance moves and skills without in person supervision, and that Student assumes the risk of such practice if he or she elects to practice them without in person supervision. Student further agrees that it will not hold Metropolitan Dance Alliance and its directors, officers, agents, and employees responsible for any injuries that may occur while utilizing offsite video conferencing.