Sep 27, 2020 10:21 PM

Attendance Policy:
• Guardians are responsible for communicating absences and tardiness to the dance studio office via email at
• Any student that misses 3 consecutive weeks or more may be required to forfeit their class space.
• End of Year Concert participants: You will be asked upon registration if you wish to participate in our annual End of Year Concert/recital. More than 3 absences from Term 3 through to the concert may result in removal from class piece.
Make-up Classes:
• Missed classes may be made up if notice of absence has been given a minimum of 48 ours in advance.
• Make up classes can be made up in an appropriate class of the student’s choice.
• There are no refunds nor can missed classes be applied to subsequent Term’s tuition.

Schedule Changes or Dropping Classes:
• The office must be notified prior to changing a class schedule, or when discontinuing a class. 2 weeks’ notice is required to cease payments. 
• All fees are due until the office is notified of any class being dropped.
• No tuition can be refunded when dropping a class.

Addressing Issues:
Unfortunately we do make mistakes. We welcome you as parents to bring those to our attention. We do ask that you use discretion as you address them with us. We ask that any conversations that are sensitive and private in matter be held while classes are not in session and are addressed to the director. If issues concern other parents or children, please do not address this issue at the studio. Please resolve the issue independently or make an appointment with the director to resolve the situation. Angry dialog, foul language and physical threats will not be tolerated. Parents and/or students who display this type of behaviour may be asked to no longer participate in the classes at DANCE MAFIA. Please remember that these rules are for the safety and comfort of ALL dancers.

Studio Rules for Parents:
• All young children must be onsite. Our carpark can get busy and can be dangerous for young children to be alone.
• Help keep our studio clean and tidy. Please throw away all trash. If you use our kitchen, please clean up after yourself.
• No gossip, obscene language or inappropriate conversations are tolerated by either parents or dancers.
• No parents/guardians are permitted in dancer areas without the permission of the director or staff member in charge. This includes all studios, upstairs lounge, changing rooms and wardrobe. Parents are welcome to use our kitchen and bathroom facilities and wait in the office/waiting room or the outside courtyard.
• Label all belongings with your child’s name. DANCE MAFIA takes no responsibility for lost/misplaced property.

• Promptness is extremely important!
• Dancers need adequate time to be physically and mentally prepared for the demands of the dance class.
• It is recommended that students arrive early to get a drink, go to the bathroom, get warmed up and be dressed properly.
• Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe class.

IMPORTANT Dance Etiquette:
At our studios our primary goal is for your children to have fun while learning dance technique and strong work ethics. We expect all dancers to show respect to themselves, each other and all instructors/staff. You will see our faculty enforcing the following rules:
• Be prepared for class with all required shoes.
• Proper dress code is required for all dance classes.
• Hair must be pulled up neat, tidy and off face. 
• Use bathroom prior to class.
• Be on time.
• Do not have frequent class absences.
• No mobile phones in class.
• No gum is allowed in class.
• Be respectful and kind to instructors, peers and staff.
• Do not talk during class unless you are asking a question.
• Practice safe behaviors for yourself and your classmates.
• Be willing to try new dance material. Put positive energy into your dance class.
• No leaning, lounging or hanging on the ballet barres. NO SITTING IN CLASS!
• Thank your teacher for class in the appropriate manner.
• If late, ask permission to join class.
• If injured, tell instructor prior to class…work slowly & carefully or observe.
• If contagiously ill, do not come to class. But, let our office know the reason for your absence prior to class. 
• If you must leave early, notify your instructor prior to class.
• Treat our studio and equipment with respect!
• Treat your peers how you wish to be treated. Absolutely no bullying will be tolerated!

We believe that good dance etiquette is of equal importance to good dance technique!
Studio Rules for Dancers:
• No running, yelling or rough playing at the dance studio.
• Help keep your studio clean and tidy. Please throw away all trash.
• No eating in studios or lounge (water excepted). Food and drink can be consumed in the kitchen, waiting room or courtyard. 
• No gossip, obscene language or inappropriate conversations are tolerated during class or around the studio.
• Friends and family are welcome to observe class from the courtyard, but must remain outside the studio and not distract dancers from their class. 
• The use of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden at the DANCE MAFIA
• Inappropriate conversations or negative discussions are not allowed!
• It is the dancer’s responsibility to manage their time so that dance, schoolwork and other outside activities do not conflict.