photo waiver

Apr 15, 2024 01:23 AM

Optional Photo Waiver
Please sign this waiver if you will permit the use of you/your child's image as described below. If you do NOT sign this waiver, we will not use you/your child's image as described. I understand the the Dancenter is an organization the promotes dance as an art form not only to it's students, bu-----t also to the community at large. As such, articles, brochures, videos and websites may be used either promotionally or educationally and may include images of the Dancenter students or other participants in our programs. I hearby permit the usage of my/my child's image to be photograhed, videotaped or otherwise recorded for the use in the Dancenter's publicity or educational materials. These materials are included, but not limited to, photograhs of classes and performances, the Dancenter "Footnotes" newsletters, various other publications, the Dancenter internet webpage and videos of classes and performances