Studio Policy and Privacy

Jul 06, 2022 02:14 AM

By registering online you agree to abide by Transcend Dance Academy Terms and Conditions.

Term fees are divided in to 4 equal fortnightly payments which will be processed via AutoPay from your nominated card on the Friday prior to week 1 beginning, Friday of week 2, Friday of Week 4, and Friday of week 6.
Alternatively, Term fees may be paid up front via the parent portal or via direct deposit - bank details on your statement. Please note, if full term payment is not received by the due date AutoPay deductions will be processed on your account.
At the commencement of each new calendar year, a non-refundable registration fee of $35 is also due in addition to term fees.
Failure to pay fees on time may result in students not being permitted to take part in classes until the outstanding balance is settled and the outstanding balance may be escalated to debt collection. At the discretion of the Principal Miss Heloise, enrolment may also be terminated for overdue balances not being settled in a timely manner. If enrolment is terminated, all outstanding balances remain due.
Should you require a payment arrangement please do not hesitate to contact Miss Heloise via email to make a confidential agreement.

Tuition is non-refundable, this applies to missed classes or change of mind. Students may be permitted to change classes where a spot is available in an appropriate class. The Principal, Miss Heloise will decide if a certain class is suitable for a student, and the decision is based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to skill level, and age of students.

Fees are to be paid via Direct Deposit or using Stripe ( our secure credit card payment system) via the parent portal. No cash payments or eftpos payments will be accepted for fees.
All registered students who pay tuition are eligible to perform in the annual end of year concert. Tuition is non-refundable.  

Enrolment Process:
All enrolling families at Transcend Dance Academy are required to complete the online registration process via the parent portal. By enrolling your child you agree to all Transcend Dance Academy Terms & Conditions. Enrolment is based on a full calendar year and students are expected to return each term. If a student wishes to withdraw from a class during the year, written notice must be given otherwise fees will continue to be charged. Failure to attend class does not constitute notice of withdrawal.

Re-enrolment is required each new calendar year.

Transcend Dance Academy welcomes students of any race, sex, religion, nationality or ethnic origin and does not discriminate on the basis of such. If your child has any physical or psychological difficulties that you feel would be helpful for Transcend Dance Academy to be aware of, please contact the Principal, Miss Heloise for a confidential discussion.

Photographs and Video:
Transcend Dance Academy may publish photography and video footage of students for advertising and or publicity purposes. This includes, but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram and the studio website. Should you not wish for your child to be photographed please select the appropriate option on your child's profile in the parent portal. It is assumed that Transcend Dance Academy is able to use any photographs and video of your child unless you select the option of not having your child photographed.

Regular attendance is important.  Our minds can grasp quickly, but it takes constant repetition for the body to really “get” the movement.  Excessive absences or lateness to class will impede progress. In the event of an absence, please notify Transcend Dance Academy on 0414 155 239.

Because dance requires great concentration and focus, it is difficult for both the individual and the group when a student comes in late. It is also not safe to dance without warming up. We understand that being late is sometimes unavoidable, and appreciate the efforts of parents and carers in ensuring this is kept to a minimum.

Refund & Dismissal:
No refunds will be made for unattended classes. If a serious illness or injury prevents a student from attending scheduled classes for a duration of longer than 2wks, a freeze on the student’s tuition can be requested accompanied by a doctor’s note.
Transcend Dance Academy reserves the right to dismiss any student from any class/ classes, or the dance studio where the Principal, Miss Heloise regards it advisable to do so in the interest of other students or the dance studio.

At Transcend Dance Academy, we try our best to maintain open and clear communication. Much of our communication is done via email, so please be sure to regularly check your email for important information.

For safety reasons neat and tidy hair is a must for dancing. In ballet students are expected to wear a ballet bun with bobby pins and a hair net. In all other classes a ponytail with the fringe pulled back off the face may be worn.

Respect & Classroom Rules:
At Transcend Dance Academy we pride ourselves on providing a safe and welcoming environment for all, which includes respect for the physical space where we dance, the teachers and the other students:                                                                                                                   
*Out of respect and also for safety reasons, students are not allowed to enter the classroom before the teacher is present.

*Students and parents are expected to behave respectfully and courteously at all times toward Transcend Dance Academy staff, as well as toward each other.
 This includes interactions via text, email and social media.
*Students must show respect for the property of others and Transcend Dance Academy property.  Students need to clean-up after themselves and put waste paper and drink containers in the bin provided.  Any student found destroying Leap Performing Arts property may be dismissed from the dance school immediately.
*We expect that all students will have used the bathroom before class to minimise disturbance of the classroom educational process. We understand students may still need to use the bathroom and students will be sent with another student for safety reasons. All preschool students will need to be taken to the bathroom with a parent not a classroom buddy.

*Gum is never allowed in class.

*Each teacher may also have additional classroom rules, which they will discuss with students in class.

*Only Senior students are permitted to leave the premises without their parent or guardian during their break.

*Lewd remarks and inappropriate language and behaviour are prohibited in the school.  A first offence will result in a verbal warning.  A second offence will result in a written warning.  A third offence is cause for immediate dismissal from Transcend Dance Academy.

*Any inappropriate behaviour, verbal or physical, must be reported to Transcend Dance Academy Principal, Miss Heloise immediately.

*Transcend Dance Academy feels strongly about the importance of the group experience. Each student learns to be responsible not only for herself or himself, but for the accomplishment of the group goal.                                                                                                  
*Any student or parent found negatively speaking about Transcend Dance Academy, including via all forms of social media in an effort to destroy the reputation of the dance studio will result in immediate dismissal.

 The Principal, Miss Heloise may dismiss a family from Transcend Dance Academy or refuse re enrollment if a student or parent breaches any of the above listed rules, for being continuously uncooperative, disruptive or for endangering the health, safety and welfare of herself/himself and others. 
If parents/ students have any questions about anything regarding Transcend Dance Academy, please call to make an appointment with the Principal, Miss Heloise on 0414 155 239.