Welcome to Stuntworx Elite Gymnastics and Cheer!

Create an account here for your child and you will be able to easily see what classes and times are available to you. You can also enter waitlists, check our schedule etc.
You will not be charged anything until after you pick a class and confirm your time.

Please make sure you read all about the class you intend to enroll in as we do not offer drop in classes and you will be charged for a full 12/14 week commitment upon registering - except for summer terms which are 6-8 weeks. All tuition fees listed are monthly and recurring unless you cancel your membership with the required notice. You can find all class details on our website. Here is where you reserve a space pay and you will see basic details on each class. The full details of your contract are included and we advise that you should read it all prior to signing your contract.

If you need any help, simply email us at info@stuntworxelite.com Our phone lines are down at the minute.

We will endeavour to return your query asap, however please note that certain times and days are busier and may take a short while to get back to you.