Welcome to TATD's online portal!

Studio Owners/Teachers Register HERE for the 2022 TATD Annual Convention.

If you are a parent of a student attending TATD, please contact your studio owner/director to register for classes. Only studio owners/teachers may register for TATD. Questions? Contact TATD at tatdtreasurer@gmail.com.

TATD Student/Assistant Discounts

All student discounts are applied after registration is received and processed. You will receive a separate email with your invoice (including discounts) 24 hours after submission. Discounts are as follows: 1-3 Students, $25 off total. 4-6 Students, $75 off total. 7-9 Students, $100 off total. 10-12 Students, $150 off total. 13-15 Students, $250 off total. 16+ Students, $350 off total.

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