Kia Ora, Welcome to our online class registration programme and your Parent Portal access

New Parents - A one time registration fee of $20.00 per new student applies.
(If you are unable to pay this by credit card please email me your and your child's details, I will register them for you, and add the registration fee to your Term statement.)
Statements are generally sent out in the week prior to classes commencing or in the first week of the Term.
If you are unsure which class your child should register for please contact me / 021 207 6757


MONDAY - Worser Bay LSC (Jess)
3:30-4:15pm Jazz Intro.3 (6/7yrs)
4:15-5:00pm Jazz Intro.4 (8/9yrs)
5:00-6:00pm Jazz Intro.5 (9/10)
6:00-7:15pm Senior Open Ballet Class

TUESDAY - Worser Bay LSC (Miss Hannah)
3:30-4:00pm Magical Movement (3/4yrs)
4:00-4:45pm Primary Ballet
4:45-5:45pm Grade 4 Ballet
5:45-7:00pm Intermediate Foundation L1(G5) & L2 Ballet

TUESDAY - Strathmore Park Community Centre (Ella)
4:00-5:00pm Junior Contemporary
5:00-6:00pm Senior Contemporary

WEDNESDAY - Worser Bay LSC (Miss Hannah)
3:30-4:00pm Beginning Ballet (4/5yrs)
4:00-4:45pm Pre Primary Ballet
4:45-5:45pm Grade 3 Ballet
5:45-7:00pm Intermediate

THURSDAY - Worser Bay LSC (Miss Hannah)
3:30-4:30pm Grade 1 Ballet
4:30-5:30pm Grade 2 Ballet
5:30-6:30pm Grade 4 Ballet
6:30-7:45pm Intermediate Foundation L1(G5) inc.Pre Pointe

FRIDAY - Worser Bay LSC (Miss Hannah)
3:45-4:45pm Grade 3 Ballet
4:45-6:00pm Intermediate Foundation - Level 2
6:00-7:15pm Intermediate

SATURDAY - Miramar Community Centre (Miss Hannah)
9:00-9:30am Magical Movement (3/4yrs)
9:30-10:00am Magical Movement (3/4yrs)
10:00-10:30am Beginning Ballet (4/5yrs)
10:30-10:55am Tippy Toes (2/3yrs)
11:00-11:45pm Pre Primary Ballet
11:45am-12:30pm Primary Ballet

SATURDAY - Strathmore Park Community Centre (Miss Hannah)
2:00pm Private Lessons (please enquire)

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