Welcome to Western Maine Dance and Gymnastics!

Welcome to WMDG

Our Philosophy is to provide a safe, caring, fun atmosphere that allows our children to experience a variety of activities, to try new experiences and to challenge themselves. We believe that active children are healthy children.

Dress Code

Attire for all gymnastics classes: leotard (fitted gym shorts may be worn over) for girls and gym shorts and t-shirts for boys. Hair needs to be pulled back and up off the neck. No jewelry.
Attire for all dance classes: leotard and tights for all classes except hip hop. Ballet skirts may be worn during ballet, dance shorts may be worn during tap and jazz. Hip Hop classes may wear dance shorts/leggings and t-shirts or tank top. All students must wear dance shoes during class. Our combo dance classes will be required to have pink ballet slippers, tan tap and jazz shoes.

WMDG Rules & Etiquette

*For your child's safety every student should be walked in and out of WMDG through our main entrance.
*Observers are not allowed in classes. Please don't allow siblings to enter the classroom during classes. It is distracting to students and leads to less learning. Students need to be able to separate from their parents in the waiting room for all of our classes.
*Students should arrive on time and be ready for class.
*Please have your child use the restroom before class.
*Please wait in the waiting room until your class time.
*Street shoes are not allowed on any classroom floors.
*Only water in a closed container is allowed in class. NO soda, juice or food. No GUM!
*For their own safety students should wear the appropriate attire and shoes for each class with hair pulled up and away from their faces.
*No cellphones/laptops in classes.
*Be RESPECTFUL of the facilities, students, parents, other's belongings and yourself.

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