Forget About the Boy
Everything today is thoroughly modern in this one-week summer intensive program. Featuring excerpts from the Broadway show Thoroughly Modern Millie, students will learn theater technique and performance skills that will help build their confidence and nurture their talents. In this class students will sing, dance, and act while working on a medley of songs that they will perform at the end of the week. Will you miss this summer program? “Not for the Life of Me!”
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
888 Studio 888 South Main St. Studio

Spring 2024

Intermediate/Advanced Tap
For the returning and experienced tapper, this workshop is perfect for the adult dancer looking for a fun workout in a supportive environment. The class begins with a full body warm-up in preparation for stationary and across the floor drills. From there, participants learn a routine upon which new combinations will be added each week, culminating in an end semester routine. Intermediate/Advanced is as upbeat as it is challenging. Join us for this 10-week intensive and discover how fun exercise can be!
5:00 PM to 6:15 PM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio
Body and Soul
Body and Soul is a unique course developed by MAC Artistic Director, Dori Bryan Ployer who set out to design a multi-disciplined approach to self-care. Body and Soul employs a variety of techniques to provide its participants a well-rounded 75 minutes of personal direction and attention. Starting with creative writing prompts, Body and Soul moves into breathwork, chair yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, and various techniques intended to bring about maximum results through minimal effort. Dori has taught this course nationally, serving organizations across the US. For a creative, compassionate, and diverse approach to comprehensive wellness be sure to enroll in Body and Soul today! Participants are asked to bring their own yoga mat, journal, and water (light hand weights {1-2 lbs.} are optional.)
9:00 AM to 10:15 AM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio
Beginner/Intermediate Tap
Beginner/Intermediate Tap is geared toward students who have 0-2 years of tap training. The class begins with a full body warm-up in preparation for stationary and across the floor drills. Early focus is on correct execution of the flap and shuffle and steps that incorporate both. A routine is built over the course of the session based on class progress. For a fun workout set to fun music, register for Beginner/Intermediate Tap today!
10:30 AM to 11:45 AM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio
Improv Jam
This short-form theatre class is filled with games that teach comedy, collaboration, and confidence! Students will learn skills like character creation, object work, group mind, story-building, and more. No experience is required; just bring yourself, and we'll make up the rest!
4:15 PM to 6:15 PM
888 Theatre
888 South Main St. Studio
Adult Acting
Join The Mass Arts Academy this fall for an opportunity to take part in a comprehensive theater experience specifically conceived for the adult performer. Adult Acting is designed to honor the individual and collective life experiences of its participants, while focusing on theater skills intended to improve memory, focus, speech, and flexibility. Each session will include theater warm-ups, improvisations, as well as monologue and scene study followed by group sharing and discussion. Learn techniques certain to improve speech, confidence, and presence. Led by hailed local artist and actor, Beth Goldman, don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your voice, life experience, and creative passion to the stage.
9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio
Broadway Mash-Up
Join the Mass Arts Center this fall for Broadway Mash-Up, a specialized class designed for enthusiastic performers, ages 8-12. Broadway Mash-Up gives participants the opportunity to perform material from multiple Broadway musicals, exposing them to various performance styles while allowing for concentrated study in voice (pitch, diction, harmony, rhythm, and group dynamics) story-driven choreography, (movement based on character and story) and scene study (discovering the who, what, where, and why of character development). With an emphasis on ensemble-based work, Broadway Mash-Up will not only further the students’ performative technique, but it will also further the students’ understanding and practice of collaboration, team building, creative thinking, cooperation, and commitment.
4:15 PM to 5:45 PM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio
Broadway Babies

“Let Your Freak Flag Fly!
Broadway Babies is a fun filled 45-minute class! It is perfect for children ages 4-7 who are new to theater and want to explore their creativity and grow their self-confidence! Filled with the iconic, up-beat music from the musical based on the hit movie Shrek the Musical. Students will be exposed to the basic beginnings of a theatre education while they work on learning choreography and singing. While working up to our end of the semester recital, Broadway Babies will grow an appreciation for the arts in the hearts of our students while also providing them with an opportunity to grow their social and public speaking skills. Join us at in Shrek’s swamp this semester for musical fun with Broadway Babies: Shrek!
10:30 AM to 11:15 AM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio
Broadway Kids
“Do! Re! Mi!”
Broadway Kids features a musical from which students practice select songs and scenes in preparation for an end-semester recital. Broadway Kids is a perfect fit for students ages 7-11 who are passionate about performing! This spring students will rehearse material from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic, The Sound of Music. Broadway Kids not only furthers performative skills, but it also furthers lifelong skills such as creative thinking, memorization, and group-work. “The hills area alive with the sound of music” in this exciting class offering!
11:30 AM to 12:45 PM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio
Jr Perf Team
Don't Eat the Plants!
Join our Mass Arts Academy Performance Troupe as they take on material from the famous Broadway musical, Little Shop of Horrors. This class is a great opportunity for for students 11+ to get an advanced theatre study and the opportunity to perform a 30 minute showcase at our end of the semester recital. Students will be asked to take on advanced choreography, characterization work, and vocal training. All students in this class will have the opportunity to be highlighted with exposed acting, singing, and dancing in the recital performance. Become iconic characters such as “Seymour,” “Audrey,” & “Audrey II” as you join us on Skid Row this semester with the Mass Arts Academy Performance Troupe!
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio
Children of Eden Jr

From musical theatre greats, Stephen Schwartz, and John Caird comes a joyous and inspirational musical about parents, children, and faith... not to mention centuries of unresolved family business! An expansive musical, Children of Eden JR. has plenty of roles and life lessons for everyone. A wonderful show with gorgeous music, Children of Eden JR is a moving, foot-stomping musical!

Directed and Choreographed by Dori Bryan-Ployer
Musical Direction by Esther Zabinski
Stage Manager Caitlin Meyer
Costume Designers: Katie Ault and Ellie Ault

Saturday, Jan 6 from 3-6
Sunday Jan. 7, from 2-5

The Mass Arts Center
888 South Main Street
Mansfield MA 02048

Stage Manager, Caitlin Meyer.
Contact Caitlin to schedule your audition at
Please include your resume and headshot in this request.

AUDITION MATERIAL: Prepare 32 bars of a song from Children of Eden or in a similar style. Dress to move. You may also be asked to sing a song from the show.

CASTING: All performers who register will be cast. Auditions are held to place each actor where they are best suited.

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: Rehearsals will be scheduled Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30. Not all actors will be called for all rehearsals. Rehearsals will begin shortly after casting is completed. Between mid-January-Feb. 1.

You will be sent an audition form to complete prior to coming to auditions. Registered students will receive these documents after notification of registration is confirmed. These documents will include a rehearsal calendar. Please indicate ALL conflicts between January 14, 2024 – May 12, 2024, even for the days we are not scheduled; good to know additional availability if needed. Rehearsals will be scheduled over April break, and possibly February break, depending on cast availability.

PRODUCTION DATES: Friday, Saturday, Sunday May 10-12 (Fri and Sat 7:30pm curtain Sun 2:00pm curtain)

Sunday May 5-Thursday May 9.
Sunday, May 5: 12:00p-8:00p
Mon May 6-Thurs May 9: 4:00p-9:00p

All who are cast and accept their assignment in Children of Eden Jr. are required to pay a production fee of $379. The production fee allows The Mass Arts Academy to produce full-scale musicals with aspiring youth and teen performers, while providing invaluable training in musical theatre performance, voice, acting, dance/creative movement, and ensemble work.

Father: Father is the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the universe. Father has a larger-than-life persona and embodies an authoritative presence, balanced with a fair amount of humor and a sense of fun. Father truly loves his children but expects obedience and is not afraid to punish them if they don't follow his wishes. Cast an excellent, advanced actor and a great singer in this role who can truly command the stage. Ideally, this actor will read as older onstage.
Gender: Male Vocal range top: G4 Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Adam/Noah: Adam/Noah should be a versatile performer. Adam embodies the excitement, wonder, and childlike innocence of mankind before the fall, and also the strength and persistence needed after they are expelled from the Garden. He should pair well and have a great relationship with Eve, since he will eventually choose her over Father. Noah is also the leader of his family but is a bit less serious, although he also must make a big decision that affects the lives of everyone he loves. Cast a performer who is a natural leader and has a charismatic stage presence. This performer should be a great actor and a wonderful singer and be comfortable taking command of the stage. Gender: Male Vocal range top: Ab4 Vocal range bottom: Ab2

Snake: The Snake (Snake 1, Snake 2, Snake 3, Snake 4, and Snake 5) lures Eve to the tree and ultimately convinces her to take a bite of the apple. This is a great place to put excellent movers or dancers who can make the Snake feel cohesive. Gender: Any Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Eve/Mama: Eve/Mama must win over the audience's hearts. Eve is bright, precocious, loving, and has an adventurous streak. Ultimately, her curiosity is what leads to her banishment, though she never stops loving Father. Her life gets harder after leaving the Garden, but Eve's spark never fully goes out. Mama is more subtle than Eve but has a deep strength that is evident in her love for her family. She honest, smart, and is not afraid to offer Noah her advice and opinions. This role calls for an exceptional actress and outstanding singer who can make strong character choices. Eve/ Mama should also pair well with Adam/Noah. Gender: Female Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Young Cain: Young Cain is reminiscent of Eve in the Garden. He is curious, confident, and wants to know the answers to all his questions. Cast a good actor and singer who can work with Cain to create continuity between the character as a child and an adult. Gender: Male Vocal range top: Db4 Vocal range bottom: Gb2

Young Abel: Young Abel is gentle, sweet, and content with their life as a family, even without the Garden. He loves his parents and his brother and does not have the same need for answers as Young Cain. Cast a good actor and singer who can work with Abel to create continuity between the character at both ages. Gender: Male Vocal range top: Db4 Vocal range bottom: Gb2

Cain/Japheth: Cain/ Japheth must be comfortable making strong choices onstage. Cain is passionate, curious, longs for adventure, and places the blame squarely at his parents' feet for giving away his portion of the Garden. He is angry at Adam, Eve, Father, and the unfairness of his circumstances. He doesn't return from beyond the waterfall with the intention to kill Abel - but he allows rage to overtake him and must endure the consequences. Japheth is more polished than Cain, though has a similar rebellious streak that almost results in the same tragedy. His love for Yonah is his driving force, and he is willing to risk everything in order for them to be together. Cast a fantastic singer and a wonderful actor as Cain/Japheth. Remember, these roles require some stage combat, so make sure to cast a mature performer who can be trusted to execute fight choreography safely. Gender: Male Vocal range top: Ab4 Vocal range bottom: C#3

Abel/Ham: Abel/Ham should be able to create two completely different characters. Abel is gentle, thoughtful, and obedient. He would never cause trouble on his own, but he is caught between his love for his brother, Cain, and his love for his parents. Though Abel respects his parents and Father, Cain can usually find a way to convince Abel to follow him. Abel reflects Adam's choice to leave the Garden, and his death is a turning point in the show. Ham is one of Noah's sons, and Aphra's husband. He wants to please Father and is more mild-mannered than his brother Shem. Cast a performer in these roles who is a good singer and solid actor. Keep in mind that these roles must also learn fight choreography, so make sure you cast a responsible actor who will complete the choreography safely every time. Gender: Male Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: F3
Seth/Shem: Seth/Shem should focus mostly on Shem. Seth appears onstage at an important time in the story but does not speak or sing. Shem is the oldest of the brothers and rather hot-headed. Married to Aysha, he is the first to blame Yonah for the family's problems aboard the ark. Shem does not have a solo, so he does not need to be a strong singer. Cast an expressive actor with a great stage presence who can make strong character choices. Gender: male

Yonah: Yonah is a descendant of Cain who works as a servant for Noah's family. While Yonah finds herself in unfortunate circumstances, she handles adversity with grace and strength. She is kind and selfless, and ultimately wins Father and Noah over with her goodness when Noah finally gives Japheth and her permission to wed. Cast an expressive actress with a wonderful singing voice who pairs well with Cain/Japheth. Gender: Female Vocal range top: Eb5 Vocal range bottom: Ab3

Aysha: Aysha is a bit unhappy with their situation aboard the ark. Married to Shem, she also blames Yonah for their troubles, and isn't afraid to let everyone know exactly what she thinks. Aysha does not need to be a strong singer - instead, look for an animated performer with a good stage presence for this role. Gender: Female

Aphra: Aphra is a bit of worrywart. Married to Ham, she worries about the flood, and how it will affect their growing family. Like Aysha, Aphra doesn't need to be a strong singer, but she should be a good actor able to embody Aphra's sensitive nature. Gender: Female

Ensemble: Ensemble consists of the Storytellers, Soloist, Soloist (1, 2, 3), Female Soloist, Seth's Wife, and Animals.

Monday Wednesday Sunday
4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
888 Studio
888 South Main St. Studio