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• We have a 24-hour cancelation policy. To avoid a cancelation charge, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.
• No refunds, transfers, or extensions on tuition fees.
• All private and group lessons have an expiration date.
• Packages require a minimum of one lesson per week or more.
***Please check the details of your program.

*Dress Code is Mandatory - scroll to the bottom for details.

• All group classes require pre-registration.
If there are under 4 people, the class becomes a semi 1/2 private for no extra charge instead of a group class.
If only 2 people, the class would have to be charged as a private lesson for an additional fee to cover the studio and teachers' fees.

• Private lessons are 45 minutes in length. Private lessons skipped must be made up within one week or the session will be charged.

• Packages are based on one lesson minimum per week for the 10 session program. For all larger programs, a minimum of 2 lessons per week is required to receive the discount.

***Cancellations require a 24-hour notice to avoid being charged for the lesson.

• Parents, please arrive on time for drop-off and pick-up. Kids classes are drop off only. We do not allow parents to stay in the room, as it makes the child uncomfortable and inhibits learning.

• Personal Property
We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

• Have a question or need an appointment? Text 516 996-3554 or email us at dancewithusli@gmail.com and we will get back to you with all concerns!
• Need a phone or zoom conference, request a time and we will accommodate you.
• For questions for your teachers, please use your OWN time ON YOUR private lessons, NOT after the lesson has ended and be mindful of your teachers time.

Competition/Showcase Expenses

Please note that the costs for dancing in a competition/showcase include the following and are in addition to the student's actual competition entry fees, hotel, costumes, lessons, and any preparatory coaching the student pays for. Expenses incurred by students dancing in any pro/am competition include the costs for the professional partner or teacher’s participation. Competition expenses for professional teachers customarily include the following:

1) Teacher's time. Teachers are paid for their time directly. The time and cost of each teacher must include loss of studio time and fee for each dance.

2) Teacher's travel expenses are paid directly to the teacher before the competition takes place. These costs can vary greatly. Usually your professional teacher will help you organize your fees and try to bring several students when possible to share costs.

3) Teacher or student can send the application forms along with fees payable to the competition before the due date.

4) The student will reimburse the teacher for all out-of-pocket expenses related to the competition trip. These expenses can include: the teacher's airfare; train; ground transportation; parking fees; car mileage; any other transportation costs. Several days of competition could include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Students are responsible for the teacher's admission to the ballroom as well. Expenses not included that are the teacher's responsibility are alcohol, personal items, and entertainment. Teachers will make every effort to keep expenses at a minimum and give the student a good faith estimate prior to the competition.

5) Fees payable to the competition must be paid in advance by the date due and arranged through your teacher or manager.

6) If the teacher has several students or competition commitments, etc., a pro rata share of expenses should be worked out between the parties involved that are using the teacher's services. This should be agreed upon in advance of the competition. Your teacher will organize this.

7) Coaching is Mandatory before entering a competition or showcase. There are various options available. Coaching fees are in addition to regular teacher fees. Please see your teacher for the details.

Gifts/ Tips/ Sponsorships

Gifts, Tips, Sponsorships, & Social Interactions

Gifts and Tips

Gifts between one student and another are between those parties should not be exchanged in the studio for any reason. It creates an environment where if the gift is unwanted, an unpleasant sentiment for the gift giver or the recipient could become an unpleasant place for both. Keep in mind that a Dance Studio is a business.

Gifts/Tips are traditionally given to one's Teacher or Coach, or from a Teacher to a Student or other Teacher, or any combination thereof must never be personal. Birthday or Holiday gifts or even a gift intended as a "Thank You" for hard work and effort are best given in a generic form of cash/gift card/check-in a generic Holiday, Birthday, or Thank You card, without fanfare. All too often, the gift giver may mean something perfectly innocent but others may feel bad either because they cannot afford to give a gift, or they perceive favoritism or a relation of the recipient can take offense. Teachers and Coaches must also be conscious of this.


Many who have been around Competitive Ballroom Dancing recognize the high costs to participants - Professional, Amateur, and Students. In some cases, generous individuals may wish to sponsor an individual or a couple. Discretion is required. If you want to contribute in this way please do so without fanfare by contributing under the title of "? Sponsorship award for dancer_____ (fill in the name)" in Check, Cash, or Gift Card, either given to the studio to pass on or directly. Do not offer to buy costumes or other items. This action may serve to make the individual feel that you have to approve of their choices.

Social Interactions

Invitations and solicitations to attend social events, weddings, private parties, or any outside function should not be made. Students to Teachers, Teachers to Students, Teachers to Coaches, Coaches to Teachers, or any combination thereof on studio premises is discouraged. The ONLY exception to this rule is when everyone attends as a group. When we travel as a team, we create spirit motivation. Teachers are available for paid performances and dance host events for a fee. Please inquire with the studio for booking.

Dress Code, Group, Private Policies

Dress Code Strictly Enforced

The masculine dress code includes black Latin pants, plain T-shirt, or a tie with a dress shirt. Wear dance shoes and black socks for all ballroom and Latin classes.
The feminine dress code includes leotards with long skirts for ballroom and short skirts for Latin. Dance tops are optional as long as dance trunks or dance shorts matching the skirt under the skirts. Latin or Ballroom shoes or appropriate dance shoes for the style of dance is a requirement. Ex. Ballet/ Tap/ Jazz shows for the respective classes.
The appropriate clothing for hip-hop classes includes a sports T-shirt, sports shorts or pants, clean white/black socks.
Any leotard, dancewear, or yoga pants. Long hair must be in a bun or pulled back. No hair flying around or in the face will be allowed.

What do I wear if I'm new to dance? Wear comfortable attire that is flexible to move in following the above guidelines. If you are a competitive or showcase dancer, you should be investing in practice wear, such as long skirts for ballroom and short skirts for Latin. Latin pants and tight-fitting clothing for men are required.

Group classes are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise specified. A minimum of 4 people is required for the class to be considered a group. Class schedules and teacher assignments are subject to change without notice.

Personal Property
Please make sure not to leave your belongings behind.
We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

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