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No Classes on the dates below

October 31 Halloween
November 23-25 Thanksgiving
December 22- January 4 Winter
May 29 Memorial Day
June 9th Dress Rehearsal (Dow Event Center)
June 10th Show Date


Costumes are $85 each. These should be paid in full by winter break! Each single class has one costume. 5-6, 7-9, and preschool combo classes have 2 costumes. 10-12 & 13-19 have 3 costumes.


Tuition is based on full season and broken down in to 11 payments. Tuition is not based on a monthly fee.
Payments are due the first week of the new season. Then by the 7th of each month Sept-April and 2 payments in May!

Backstage fee

Each student will pay a $30 backstage fee for the show.
Fee includes a professional recording of the show.
Multiple dancer families- 1st child $30 each additional $10

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