Welcome to Bliss Urban Arts Center!


We offer Recreational Hip Hop Dance Classes on Mondays starting at age 3!
Please go to the register icon to create an account and register online, or come in 15 minutes before class starts to register in person.
Go to CLASS SCHEDULE to see all the levels/ages/class times/cost!

We also have amazing sublet renters who run their own programs at Bliss! Check out our CLASS SCHEDULE!

Rec Program Policies

1. Students are not allowed to participate before registering.
2. Session must be paid in full to participate.
3. BUAC will only offer a $15 drop-in on the first day of the session.
(If the student chooses to stay in the class then the balance would be due at the
start of the 2nd week)
4. Pro-rating for late starts are OK
5. Parents are welcome to stay & watch or drop-off students but talking is
prohibited during classes, including trying to direct your children.
6. Students should wear comfortable loose clothing and must wear sneakers.
7. Bring a bottle of water.
8. Please drop off & pick up your student on time.
9. Please plan to record the choreography at the end of each class for your
kids to review at home (last 5-10minutes of class)
10. Please remember although this program is recreational (for fun) we at BLISS
take the art of dance very serious as it starts with discipline and respect. We will not tolerate any poor behavior in classes. We will be happy to refund families of students who cannot act appropriately in our dance classes.

For any questions on our program,
please email FAE at danceispurebliss@gmail.com
or text 650-580-3345

Studio Policies

Please Be quiet in the lobby when classes are happening and be discreet when heading through both dance rooms to use the restroom.

Because our business is connected to 2 others, please be respectful of the CrossFit gym and Cheer gym - by respecting that those spaces aren't OURS and to just walk through for bathroom access but not to touch anything or play with anything along the way.

Junk Food, Soda, Energy Drinks and Gum Chewing is completely prohibited at Bliss. Just don't.

Please sanitize your hands at arrival and when you are headed out. Masking is up to you. Never mandatory to mask at Bliss, we just ask that you show up healthy & clean - and don't be gross.

The office is for STAFF ONLY.

Waters are not free, please leave a $1 in the bin on the fridge before you help yourself.

Please leave the studio how you found it, we don't have a janitor - if you'd like to volunteer and help clean - let us know!

Lost & Found is located in the green bin next to the cubbies - anything you lose isn't on us.

Please don't not lean on the mirrors or lean on the glass windows, for obvious reasons.

We love donations! Here's what you can help us out with 365 days a year:
paper towels, tissue boxes, toilet paper, printer paper, sharpies, pens, notepads, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, latex gloves, baby wipes, first aid stuff, clorox jugs, windex, lysol spray, kitchen size trash bags, huge black trash bags, swifer wet mop refills, printer ink (ask for brand), healthy snacks, water cases, juice boxes.

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