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As a Virtual Assistance Agency that specializes in DSP, we will show you the other side of the system you use. Throughout your client (aka "parent") portal we will note areas where you can customize information. (For instance -this area- the Main Login Page for your Online Registration / Parent Portal can be customized under Portal Settings > Display.)

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Monthly Clients

Login to see the ongoing tasks we manage, and your billing history. Each Class your studio is enrolled in is scheduled during the time block I generally work on that task. If you'd like to chat during any of those times, my Virtual Office (with Chat, Audio, Video & Screen-sharing capabilities) is only a click away.


If you are interested in learning more about using DSP - or switching to DSP - click on Classes above and scroll to the bottom to see the schedule of upcoming webinars.

Future Clients

After you register, book a "Private Lesson" to discuss your needs (choose Consultation, it's free) - or use the contact link above to connect.

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