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We're so pleased that you're here. The Opera Block is centrally located in the main business district of historic downtown Portland, MI., The Performing Arts Center is housed in a beautiful restored space on the second floor at 140-1/2 Kent St. which adjoins our famous original 1880 Opera House, which will eventually be used for performances. The studio space has 1880's old world charm, but is equipped with all the modern amenities of a world class studio. The online portal is your one-stop for all things happening in the Performing Arts Center, including class offerings, news, scheduling and tuition payments. We hope you enjoy your time with us, and we look forward to seeing you in class.

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Covid-19 Cleaning Proceedures

We are using an all natural product called Benefect Decon-30. It is an EPA registered disinfectant, and has been successful in Covid-19 cleaning. All classrooms will have an increased amount of shut down time between classes to wet wipe all touch points.

There will be no sharing of equipment or props this year.

Please minimize the use of our restrooms, by making sure your student uses the bathroom before arriving at the studio, we will do our best to clean the restroom as frequently as possible.

Once daily before classes start, we have staff coming in to deep clean the building. This will include wet wiping all touch points and fogging appropriate product to reach the areas wiping cannot.

We will have hepa air scrubbers running throughout the studio space, to minimize any air-borne particles.

Admittance to Studio

This year, only student will be admitted into the studio, Parents will not be allowed into the studio to minimize exposure to other kids, parents and staff. Additionally, we do not have wide hallways and it is not possible for parents to wait in our hallways, while allowing 6' distance for students to pass by.

Students will be buzzed into the building by the teacher after the space has been cleaned from the previous class, and within a few minutes of class starting.

Students will be released from the building after the ending time of the class when the parent arrives and announces their name for pickup.

We will have more details as we get closer to opening day

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