Welcome to Studio 48's Parent Portal

Studio 48 Performing Arts Center aspires to build a life-long love and respect for the arts in our students, our families, and our community. Studio 48 focuses its efforts on developing creativity, confidence and personal self-worth in each of its students. Our non-competitive approach to arts education provides positive reinforcement of life skills, such as discipline, learning methods, self-expression, and an appreciation for other art forms.

The Classical Arts are progressive, meaning they are a craft built from the foundation up. Constant, consistent and repetitive practice is paramount in the creation of any respectable artist. Whether a student attends just for fun or with the intent to pursue a career as a performer, we maintain the same expert level of instruction. Acquiring the tools necessary to become a dedicated practitioner of the performing arts requires the methodical practice of technique, artistry, and musicality under the watchful eye of experts. Whether your goal is to understand better the arts, to participate recreationally or to become a professional artist, our teaching methods are designed to help you bridge that gap between the stage and reality.